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    The Greeks

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    The hippopotamus was not considered divine rather than by the inhabitants of the high Egypt. These animals were sacred and a crime was hurt them. The sanctuaries remained a live animal that the faithful would worship. One of the sources, a doctor of the Christian Church, Clement of Alexandria, scoffed at this custom; If you go to a temple, a priest being pursued seriously, singing a song, and lifts a veil to show you God. See what then?, a cat, a crocodile, a snake, or some other animal.

    The God of Egyptians appears, it is a wild animal that is stirred in a purple tapestry. Clement of Alexandria: SEIGNOBOS: pp. 46 Shodu in Thebes, the priests had a domesticated crocodile. They put them in rings of gold or porcelain ears and legs bangles. The traveler of Strabo, who lived in time of Jesus Christ, refers as well to your visit to crocodile Shodu; Our host picked up cakes, fish roast and a drink made with honey, and then led us to the Lake. The animal was laying to the shore. The priests approached him, two of them opened his mouth and another echo in these first cakes, then fish and finally the concoction. The crocodile was launched into the water and was to be routed to the other shore.

    Another foreigner arrived with the same offering than us, and priests took it, were seen around the Lake, the crocodile seized again and made him swallow the offering in the same way. Ibid.: pp. 46 In Mendes is worshipped at a goat; in Heliopolis a bird of passage. The Greeks called it Phoenix. The ox Apis – in Memphis, the sacred animal was the ox Apis. It is the preferred sign of fertility of livestock and the force: trampling his enemies. It was not a common ox, it had to be black, bear forehead a white spot in triangular shape, on the spine the figure of an eagle, the language a beetle wing, and tail hairs they had to be double.

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    Santo Domingo

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    When I say that, in general, are not accurate with the language that we use, I am also saying that many words have lost their real meanings or that don’t know their meanings. One of those words is: love. When I ask what love?, happens all the people become poets; they begin to give very fine definitions. In fact, the etymology of love comes from the latin that means without and MOR, who comes from mortem, death. LOVE is life. We continually ask ourselves why our life is falling to pieces; why our life is at a standstill and the answer is: by not delivering love in everything we do every day, every moment. When the power of love is the foundation of everything as we do, whatever it is, will surely be durable.

    We do without desire and love, not ever has any projection. I am convinced that the planet Earth is a great classroom for which all men went through to learn to recognize the magnitude of love, as an inexhaustible source of universal energy. Accept that we are energy of love leads us towards the North of our lives and distances us from the confusion. To love is taken choice, less will be the questions that we raised. Among so many existential questions put to us, one is are why we are here walking in this life?. I deeply feel that the answer is: to deliver power love to mankind through the service; so be contributing with our environment, with friends, the people that we interact with society or, on one larger scale, with the world. Dispose ourselves to delivery requires accepting that every human being has a unique and unrepeatable, mission as his own essence.

    This mission is the true purpose of our lives and allows us to achieve the fullness. We are stepping on this earth to fulfill a purpose. Latinos say that, when a child is born, a loaf of bread under the arm brings. This refers to that each individual has their special talents, which make it unique. The development of the talents of each individual is the door towards the higher purpose that we come to meet. Through our talents and the way you express them, we can direct our energy towards the encounter of the best ways to serve humanity. When we decide to do, the universe supports us in this purpose and gives us everything we need to have a life truly harmonious, happy and full of plenitude. When each of us is committed to be the purpose of unconditional love, everything happens with synchrony. The things that we want and need come towards us with the least effort, including abundance. The Sanskrit word Dharma means purpose in life, reason essential in our stocks. It is the powerful lighthouse that illuminates and guides the vessel of our being, heading to the goals that we truly come to meet in this journey of life. When these goals are reached, it is precisely a confirmation of that are now passing to the North of our lives. I would like to, as a finale to this my thought personal honor to my Latin American brother Lic.

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    Thomson Reuters

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    It will continue to rise the bag? Many bearish opinions in these weeks. It is natural to hear after hikes of 100% in the Russell 2000 comprising 2,000 shares of low capitalization of the index Russell 3000, or the S & P500 with 70% from the floor in March 2009. Companies in United States are with good prospects and should extend the rally for several reasons. Cash are sitting on cash, after being detached from active batteries, reorganized its structures and sacked staff last year seeking to reduce its high costs, proportionally higher than their pre-crisis operating costs. Money that can distribute as dividends, invest by buying businesses and companies at depressed prices.

    Inventories and because they sought to reduce costs, reduced inventories, i.e. that consumed much of their stocks, having these dropped more than 60 percent. In the short term we must replenish stock and business units be refocused to production, achieving better earnings in the coming months. Balance sheets closed a quarter and approaching the publication of balance sheets of companies, and prospects are growth and profits. It is expected that the companies of the S & P500 report growth in earnings of about 35% over the year past, far higher than the historical average of 7% – 8%, according to Thomson Reuters. And the ratio of companies preanunciando negative versus positive profits, typically from 2 to 1, is just 1.3 to 1 currently. Stimulus package the billions poured into the economy through the Government of Barack Obama stimulus plan has not been spent yet in its entirety, and have been used to buy mortgages, continue reading investment and you do will look at out how others make money investing? Are you tired of not knowing where to invest your money? In which sector, in which company, in what market, at what time? For just $12.50 a month ($ 150 per year) can be accessed to buy companies with a strong bullish potential in the values of New York (Wall Street).

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    Amortisation Property

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    That the maximum amount of investment which it can freely be amortized does not exceed the amount resulting from multiplying the figure of 120,000 euros by the increase in the total average staff calculated to two decimal places. 3 Accelerated depreciation for investments with maintaining employment investment in new plant and equipment and investment property items pertaining to economic activities, placed at the disposal of the pharmacist in the years 2009 and 2010, may be amortized freely always that, during the 24 months following the date of beginning of the tax period (January 1) in which the items are purchased and come into operation, the template mean total pharmacy is maintained with respect to the average of the 12 months staff earlier. I.e. are you can depreciate freely provided that total average workforce of the year prior to the purchase of the goods, the following 2 years, emphasizes tunics. 4 Accelerated depreciation new items of plant and equipment and investment property may be amortized according to the coefficient which results from multiplying by 2 the coefficient of linear depreciation to the maximum laid down in the officially approved depreciation tables. Two tables there is one for normal direct estimation and another for simplified direct estimate.

    5 Amortisation of Commerce East concept can be defined as the difference between the physical value of the pharmacy (furniture, stocks, and local) and what it paid to acquire it. The coefficient of amortization of goodwill for the year 2009 is 5 per cent or 7.5 per cent. 6. Contracts of financial leasing (Leasing) contracts of leasing with a minimum duration of two years (for movable property) and 10 years (for goods real estate) that have been held beginning on 1 January 1996 will have the following tax regime: the entire part of the assessed contributions for the financial burden will be deductible expense.

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