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    In the private sphere, the possibility of the existence of the equality was not cogitated: the head of the family commanded and the other members of the family were commanded. Recently Volvo sought to clarify these questions. The head of the family was not limited for any law or justice, what she made inside of its home alone said respect to he himself and plus nobody. Assuring the maintenance of the domestic order, it exerted a totalitarian power of life or death on the commanded ones, was of its court of appeals to leave to live or to make to die. In this aspect alone it had a restriction, is that in the private sphere, the man met private of the most important of the capacities – action politics. The man alone was entirely human if he exceeded the instinctive and natural domain of the private life. In the private sphere it is also, where if it practises work and the work, the man constantly is remembered its fragility, of its necessity to survive e, therefore, of its condition of mortal in the measure where he is obliged to exert activities that preserve it the life while individual and while species. Therefore, while he is subject to the necessities, the man, for the Greeks, does not possess freedom. Arendt bases this quarrel appealing the Aristotle, which affirmed that the freedom would be constituted of four basic elements: the status, to keep its residence was of utmost importance for home Greek, who lost its house if it became a species of slave in potential; the personal inviolability, the freedom of economic activity and the right to go and to come. In the measure where he was enslaved of its necessities, the man had to work and to work, exerting, in such a way, activities ' ' econmicas' ' that to certainly they deduct the freedom it. In contraposition Arendt he presents the public sphere that is the sphere of common in the life the politics of polishes, therefore ' ' everything that comes public can be seen and be heard by all and has the biggest spreading possvel' '.

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    The Factors

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    In according to place, in the case of the religious ones, he would like to leave well clearly? how the crystal? that the wind is fruit of the oscillations of temperature and atmospheric pressure that make with that the layers of existing gauzes in the atmosphere are in constant expansion and contraction, thus this movement generates the movement of the air layers, generating the wind. For this point, ' ' real' ' it would be as? It has the concept of that everything that occurs outside of the mind could be considered as real, the existence extra-you lie. However, it has one? potentially? interminable list of based exceptions, basically, in the factors cited soon above, the start of the paragraph. Alex Lynch can aid you in your search for knowledge. The cases intra-you lie, that they enclose the illusion, the imagination and even though the delirium. For this point, it is a little (very) vacant the Real concept, the more of reality. We can then place ' ' real' ' how a consequence of its existence in the plan of the reality? It would be a simpler form to appraise the reality, but the life is not simple, then for consequence, the reality also is not. If it cannot say that the reality is formed by the real object junction, in a sequncia uniform and dynamics, therefore not even we obtain to classify what it is real due to interminable variety of premises. Get all the facts and insights with raphael sternberg, another great source of information. Let us try then to appraise ' ' realidade' ' thus to define what he is ' ' real' '.

    Of one it forms logic we can say that the reality never is alone, therefore it is not only. It has you vary realities, are social, economic or conceptual. E, in all the cases, they are formed by a group of factors that, if they regulate and if they limit, generating I continue it space-time. Let us start for what it occurs in it I continue space-time, which will be nominated of ' ' C' ' , the event in itself, which we will nominate ' ' A' '.

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    Characteristic Elements

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    (Jesus) Children of God He has some days, occurred a meeting that, to it, did not pass of a simple joke: My Father, in one day of pssimo mood, decided to observe the Society Human being, and, perceiving that it was gives to reach the chaos, he decided to give an end the same one. However, my Benevolent and Loving Father, better found to inform the Humanity on its intentions. Thus, he called to Skies three of the most influential people of the Land: George W. Bush, Fidel Castro and Bill Gates. ' ' He is the following one: I go to finish with the World. Please, they inform this to the human beings. they give my Final Message: They forgive me for the Bother? ' '. In return the Land, Bush was to the CNN, and in national net, it announced: ' ' American people and remaining portion of the human people.

    I have two notice. Good and a other bad one. The good one is that we were certain, God in fact exists. The bad one is that It goes to finish with mundo' '. I castrate, coming back Cuba, it convoked its comrades and it make a speeched: ' ' Comrades, I have two notice: bad and an other pssima. The bad one is that we were made a mistake. God exists. Worse E, it goes to finish with the Mundo' '.

    Gates, having access its MSN, sent a global email saying: ' ' There Galera, I have two notice: good and an other still better! The good one is that God considers me ones of the people most illustrious of the world. best, is that we will not need to improve Windows XP! ' '. However, seconds later, Gates received a reply from the Department of Marketing of Microsoft, affirming that in fact they already had improved Windows XP: they were you give to launch the Sight.

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    Scientific Revolution

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    It was initiated with the new discoveries of the Scientific Revolution and characterized it principle for the position of that the reason can in them present the world and of that science must be broken up of the philosophy, then the rational basement of the new discoveries would be responsibility of the philosophy. As great representative of the period, Discardings (known as the father of the modern philosophy) was the first one to offer a reply for the impasse. He used a significant analogy (University Catholic of Brasilia, 1997), where he compared the human knowledge with a tree, being the roots metaphysics and the trunk the physics. Thus being, he would fit to the philosophy to define the beddings, and to science the phenomena and facts in itself. 1.5. Criticism Born in Germany, Kant was interested since the beginning for Newtonian science and if it questioned regarding the nature of our knowledge (Spider, 2003).

    In its Critical workmanship of the Pure Reason, he questions the one possibility ' ' reason pura' ' , independent of the experience. The criticism is characterized for the position to consider the critical analysis of the possibility, the value, the origin and of the limits of the rational knowledge they would be the starting point of the philosophical knowledge. A critical one to the Rationalism and the Empirismo can be considered. 1.6. Philosophy after-Kantiana Kant, when presenting its system that it intended to synthecize two great trends (rationalism and empirismo), and at the same time to surpass them and to decide its pendencies. Decurrent of these objectives, the German philosophy was very influenced by Kant in all the effective period of its system of idealismo. 2 German Idealismo 2,1 place and date Was initiated from the impact caused for the workmanships of Kant. It is extended since the decade of 1780 until middle of century XIX.

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    The essence of this method is that the previously formed temporary connections, reflecting and organizing any relationship with the objects of the body, can be excited in the perception of a similar situation, instituted during the perception of objects (situations), to coincide with the previously separate features perceived object. Resulting in a comparison of similar objects, situations. The basis of association by similarity is the ability of the brain to the excitation given set of temporal relations, reflecting collection of certain elementary relations conditioned stimuli (reflecting a particular object), the perception is not all this set of conditioned stimuli, but only parts of it, is a common part of all similar objects, parts, generator common to all these objects traits for which these objects and unite as similar. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For example, the anthropoids, who once reached for a stick through objects lying so that the unarmed limb to reach them in the future is able to use a mental image of this activity, firstly, in a similar situation, for example, in order to get the bait from behind cells, because, secondly, with those objects are also capable of is extended limb – wire rope, etc. Thus, in regard to the acquisition of information about reality in the organization of its activities anthropoids are on the second level of quality development of individual forms of the organism. Organization of their activities is carried out not only by the unconditioned reflexes (kinds of shapes activity), and conditioned reflexes to relation of objects or patterns of perception of reality (the first quality of an individual form of the organism), but also by conditioned reflexes to ratio images represent objects of reality.

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    Military Policy

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    R$ 2,500, 00 700,00 esportivo Material ……………………… R$ Material p 800,00 diverse courses ………… R$ Material p spreading ………………. 250,00 R$ eventual Staff of support ………….. Other leaders such as JPMorgan Chase offer similar insights. R$ 1,000, 00 Vehicle (maintenance) ……………….. 600,00 R$ Water, light, telephone and Internet ………

    R$ 700,00 Overheads ………………………. R$ 2,000, 00 Total – R$ 8,550, the 00 values had only been calculated as reference, being able themselves to vary the item and respective values without, however, to exceed the budget. Having surplus of resources in one month the respective value will be launched as provision for future investments e, when possible, already to inform the planned objective. Incomes gotten through other sources as promoted parties, transferences and donations will have to be launched in the monthly temporary balance sheet as extraordinary prescriptions for future investments. The CEDCA, obligatorily, will demand of all the CMDCA duly the monthly installment of accounts approved until day 10 of each month subsequente. 7) The communitarian participation counting on the massive envolvement of the population will be the permanent objective to be pursued by the Advice; the elimination of the poverty and the uninterrupted combat to the social factors of risk will constitute the base of sedimentation of the new methodology. SUGGESTIONS TO the ADVICE OF RIGHTS the new suggested lines of direction include, initially, the internal organization of both the Advice and the accurate setting of its respective attributions; the perfect intermeshing with all the agencies of the local administration, also schools, Chamber of Councilmen, Military Policy, Civil Policy, at last, all the Institutions and Entities of the city and region; the invocation of the population for a preliminary study of the social conditions for the definition of operational strategies.

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    Sociologist Work

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    He is with imensurvel satisfaction that reencontro in this audience to share plus a victory? the DIPLOMAO. The Work of the Sociologist the field of work of the civil engineer is the workmanship, is the construction. The field of work of the professor is the classroom; of the doctor it is the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital; of the singer he is palco; of the plastic artist it is the atelier; at last, each professional summarizes its time of effective work to the hours where she is playing the inherent functions to its formation. the Sociologist? Where it is its field of work? However, since that he wakes up, the Sociologist enters in contact with its field of work and when looking at oneself in the mirror itself in the mirror he sees one of its objects of research. The Sociologist is the researcher who, to exactly time, is its proper object of research: here it is the differential that makes of the Sociologist the professional who does not distinguish its effective work from the diverse papers that the Human being represents day-by-day in its as social actor. If you have read about Andreessen Horowitz already – you may have come to the same conclusion. While family head, in the seio of its home, () the Sociologist () exerts its functions as a professional in fact.

    During a religious rite, () the Sociologist () is not a fidiciary office as excessively, therefore its look has a fatdico lode. In the practical one of the sport, () the Sociologist () searchs in itself and the other the reason of the repetition of that error or rightness. In the company for which he gives consultoria, () the Sociologist () does not limit itself to analyze situations from what it he was requested, therefore, although not to be perceived, its look is critical and covers environments the 360 degrees, identifying inanimate beings, but, mainly, looking people, its gestures, movements, its speaks, interrelaes, its culture.

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    Victorian Classroom

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    It detaches certain spasmodic movements/sporadical precedents and its lack of continuity in relation to the socialist ressurgimento from 1880 and points the differences between such phenomena. It seems that a decisive landmark would be consolidation of a railroad net – and the specific economy underlying it (coal bunker, railroad workers and sector of commerce/transport), as great employer of gold man power at the time of the Victorian economy. In such a way, the importance would be in identifying where measured the development and the expansion of the new industrial economy it affected and that ways affected the laboring classroom (P. 276). Such observed changes had been able to be expressed in the increase of the absolute size and in geoespacial concentration; in occupational the functional change/of the workers (each time more railroad and women in the txteis plants) – it would be important to detach there that increasing mechanization annulled to part of the difference played for the technique and manual specific knowledge of the traditional craftsmen; any one could easily play the work to operate a machine, being enough its initiation. On the other hand, the economic policies of the government if had uncurled in the one direction ‘ ‘ concentration each time greater of the national economy and its setores’ ‘ , basic for the national integration and joint of the diligent classroom in national scope, making to happen a bigger expression of the massivas mobilizations and the general strikes.

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