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    Cosmetics Salon Tips

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    Invest $ 100 pamphlets. Invest $ 50 in a boy from school for distribution. It attracts 30 new customers. All clients spend $ 20 (regularly $ 80) in court, dyed hair and polished: $ 500. Now it's the good thing! Send a postcard of thanks to all those customers. The third day he makes a call to follow up the customer. Additional information is available at Howard Schultz.

    Call in about 3 weeks (because the hair needs tweaked) to find the citation (this is an active, does not expect the client). 3 customers return and invest $ 80: $ 240. Jonas Samuelson wanted to know more. Total revenues: $ 740 The business was costs $ 150 to generate $ 740. This is just an idea. Let's not forget that this customer, if it is very well treated, may end spending more.

    It's in the lounge, you can sell other products such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments, facial or nail treatment. And do not forget the recommendations to others. These customers shall be the voice of your excellent service. Do you apply this strategy to all entrepreneurs who sell services? Apply if you only have a service that is consumed regularly. "Diana, my clients return once a year to fill their tax returns, tell me disappointed. Do not worry me, dear reader. It's time to find a way to create an additional service where the client MUST return often! A car dealer can create oil change services where the customer is charged their card automatically. An accountant can create monthly service where the customer will verify their financial statements regularly. A dentist can create a monthly or quarterly at a lower price, where the customer often returns to whiten teeth. The idea is to create a service where the client sees you're saving if you buy the package monthly, bimonthly or quarterly. Or it may be time to begin to create tangible products such as electronic books or printed, sell reports or guides and do workshops and seminars. I will summarize You have to know the average revenue per customer, purchase frequency and the time it stays with you. It attacks the market with never before seen a promotion to attract new customers at a special price and limited. Loyalty of these customers through the monitoring and special treatment. Create special programs on the client see that saves money by buying them. And maybe you can convert your knowledge into tangible products. I will you! Diana Fontanez "La Reina del Marketing"

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    Flyers Fishing

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    The easiest, but it is working version – a blank snap-in which the carp samozasekaetsya. This can be lead to leash attached to it and the main fishing line can be lead-feeding may be one or the other to the challenge (prevents tangling the leash when casting), which is attached to the leash with our hair erection. But in Anyway deaf weight equipment must not be less than 80 grams, in this case is samozasechenie fish. Lighter weight sinkers often leads to the fact that only fish and prick, if you do not have time to make cuttings, released from the hook. Using a sliding rig when fishing for carp cautious or less active, you must also take account of this law and put the stopper on the main fishing line, pellet, or constantly be on guard so as not to miss a bite and time podsech fish.

    By the way, instead of the bowl quite tolerably elongated sinker working, olives, or a pyramid: the addition of the bait a little more than a binder, a sinker does not cost anything to stick round bait, stick a hook in it (let loose cap on the side) and throw 60-80 yards without fear that the leash gets confused in flight. As a result, close to dissolving in the bottom of the breast feed will be designed carp cap. To once again not to swim in the fishery, the rod is better to install two strong flyers in a horizontal position toward the point of casting and reduce the clutch coil from a show jumping a vertically positioned rod through the Flyers are only fun the audience, but certainly not the angler. Vyvazhivaya fish, try to pump out her rod and reel no crock: toothless "Chinese alligator," with slip – a broken Russian fishing and fish lost. And of course, do not be lazy take podsachek: Always a shame to lose a decent fish.

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    Totalitarian States

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    The totalitarian State like the monarchies of yore, make it impossible to keep to the citizens and peoples separated and divided. Yellow unions and more, and all representation of the State powers and mass organizations are, as totalitarian as him. The administrations provincial and municipal.Agencies that meet vertically to the central State, repeated her style and control mechanisms. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. The single party CCP, which supposedly deals with the administrative and State control, lie, are intermingled into an inseparable amalgam with other structures and supposedly independent bodies and confuse the purposes. Complete taking Marti in his works and I make a summary of the cometary of the Apostle about: FUTURA ESCALVITUD that totalitarian State as Marti says on a Treaty of Herbert Spencer (H.S), says and says: by its closed logic, by its spacious building, by its sharp language, by his brilliance, transcendence and weight, stands out among the various treaties that in H.S wants to teach will be, by the excessive protection to the poor, a State serious Socialist Rev a corrupted state and then a tyrannical State. Fears Spencer, not unfounded, that arriving so various, active and dominant action of the State, should it impose considerable burdens to the part of the working nation for the benefit of the pampera part. Ben Horowitz pursues this goal as well. And it is true that if satisfied kindness to such an extent that los pamperos need not work for a living – which may never arrive, _ – is would be weakening individual action, and by taxing the status of holders of some wealth, without sufficient therefore to quell the needs and appetites that it not have said Spencer and says Marti: The man who wants to now that the State take care of the for not having to take care of itself.-If I serve himself would man be servant of the State, be slave of the capitalists as it is now would go on to be a slave of the officials. Slave is everyone who works for another who has dominion over him. .

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    Constitutionalist Movement

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    By Thus the ancient Villa de Pitic named after Hermosillo since 1828. The Western State, which included Sonora and Sinaloa, but split en1831 was established in 1824. The Sinaloa district of Alamos voluntarily joined the Sonoran territory. Sonora was the scene of internecine wars between conservatives and Liberals; disputed Jose Urrea and Manuel Maria Gandara power. In 1857 the general Ignacio Pesqueira succeeded him. In 1846 the California gold fever took 10% of the Sonoran; most returned in worse conditions. In addition to the loss of territory in the war with the United States, sold them the region of La Mesilla in 1853. As a result of the armed sorties of filibusters in Guaymas (1852 and 1854) and (1857) Caborca, Sonora was covered with glory.

    Likewise, the General Ignacio Pesqueira and Jesus Garcia Morales halted the French invasion, thanks to the victory achieved in 1866 in the plains of Guadalupe de Ures. In 1875 the Vice-Governor Francisco Serna spoke out in the village of Altar against the pesqueirismo and, in 1879, changed the capital of the State of Ures to Hermosillo. For his part, Jose Maria Leyva alias Cajeme and Juan Maldonado, Tetabiate, warlords yaquis, rebelled against the Government between 1882 and 1897; they were defeated and shot. Today are considered symbols of indigenous resistance. Guaymas and Nogales thanks to the railroad, which we joined with Guadalajara in 1927 were reported since 1882. From the pacification of tribes yaqui and mayo in 1887, he began the agricultural development in the southern part of the State. However, in 1906 he broke out in Cananea Mexico largest strike, precursor of the Mexican Revolution.

    A year later, the railroad Jesus Garcia Corona offered his life to save the town of Nacozari a dynamite explosion. Then Francisco. I. Madero was opposed to general Porfirio Diaz and aspired to the Presidency in 1910. The failure triggered the Mexican Revolution, whose followers in Sonora were Jose Maria Maytorena, Salvador Alvarado, Benjamin. G. Hill, alvaro Obregon, Plutarco Elias Calles and Adolfo de la Huerta, among others. After the assassination of President Madero in February 1913, the Governor of Coahuila, Venustiano Carranza, took refuge in Sonora and topped the Constitutionalist Movement, by which Hermosillo was the revolutionary capital of the country until March of the following year. Supported in Sonoran and sinaloenses weapons, he took the city of Mexico in August 1914, with alvaro Obregon to the front as the undefeated general. The Sonoran group rebelled against President Carranza through the Plan of Agua Prieta in April 1920. This group took control of the country and led to the Presidency to Adolfo de la Huerta (1920), alvaro Obregon (1920-1924) and Plutarco Elias Calles (1924-1928), who took firm steps to national reconstruction. In 1929 comes the uprising called the renewal, led by the followers of the assassinated President elect alvaro Obregon. Subsequent Governments have laid the foundations for the remodeling of Sonora, which became the breadbasket of Mexico in the middle of the last century, with half a million irrigated acres. Similar relevance had livestock. Already in the 1960s, emerged in Nogales maquiladora industry important. In the 1980s, the investment of the Ford plant in Hermosillo, did grow the State’s economy, while the tourist industry was expanded to our sierra and coast.

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    Brand Personal Destacate

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    Many people work on their own, either because they are doctors, lawyers, designers, artists, professional consultants, only to cite some professions and require promote and publicize their work and their expertise to others, to obtain new customers and be recognized in its field of action. However, not everyone knows how to achieve these objectives and for this social media provides useful tools of promotion, through the personal branding. Social media isn’t just for commercial brands, also serves to promote personal brands, i.e. a professional recognized in your area is a brand that should be exploited, in the sense that has the elements necessary to be an outstanding and recognized person and her work widely, for the purposes of obtaining economic and social benefits. However, creating your own personal brand is not an easy task, because it requires time and a thorough knowledge of self and our qualities and potentials, but although at the beginning it looks like something esoteric it is not as complicated as it seems, the issue is do.For this reason, today we want to introduce in this post some tips to help you create your personal brand and so they can stand out and shine in the firmament of Web 2.0. Here is our sugerencia:primero, first thing: know yourself and your target market and you set a target. You have to identify what is what you do best and why you like to do so, in other words what is what excites you, in such a way that passion is what are you going to sell and promote and people going to genuine feeling and above all, very competent in the area of other driving. Also, you must identify your audience, i.e. who you’re going to promote your personal brand, and who will be willing to use your services. For this reason, you must also identify your niche market.Another important thing, you set a target, i.e., what you want to achieve with these personal marketing strategies (recognition, more customers, position yourself as an expert in your area, among others).

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    Balanced Scorecard

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    there is confusion today. If you pay attention to being born in The project on implementation of the MSP points for accountability of their job descriptions, we see more individual initiative, rather than the distribution of tasks and responsibilities: it is often simply have no place to gather information – no in the organization of such rules, which would describe the scope of functional responsibility of managers. Get more background information with materials from Jim Umpleby. And the first person can not or will not clearly respond to requests for consultants to separate the issues of reporting leaders. As a result, each person wrote (or dictated by the consultant), how he sees his place in the company. Schedule monthly reporting managers, functional area of responsibility – is one thing. That is to say, the process in general.

    And the goals and objectives, what is called "top-down". But planning for strategic initiatives (eg, two or three annual or semi-annual project for each of the heads) – is another. And then, obviously, it is appropriate cite the classical CSP – American professors David Norton and Robert Kaplan: "Plan, set goals and strategic initiatives." "Once defined goals … manager starts brought in line with their own (!) strategic initiatives related to quality, deadlines and changes. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan, The Balanced Scorecard.

    – M., 2003. – P.18-19). "Compliance with strategic initiatives: in the past we have not able to concentrate on priority areas. They sought to plan and discuss … their daily work. The new planning process based on the SSP, allowed managers to pay more attention to priority programs (!), calculated at 12 months. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan Organization, focused on strategy. – M., 2004. – S. 249). Ben Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. "BSC: criteria, goals and initiatives translate strategy into action." "The goals and objectives can not be achieved only by defining them – the organization should launch a range of programs through which will be achieved all targets. For each program a company must provide sufficient resources – people, financing capacity. We refer to these strategic initiatives program. For each indicator, the MSP managers must identify the strategic initiatives necessary to achieve the goals. Initiatives generate result. Therefore, the implementation of the strategy is achieved through the implementation of initiatives. " (Norton, D., R. Kaplan, Strategy maps. – M., 2005. – P. 61). What is the solution? Our consultants, for example, asked all heads of departments and services the client company to describe the strategic goals in their functional areas. And then on the basis of their plan and initiate two to three year programs (or even a generalized), as personal strategic initiatives to achieve these goals. Because why bother in the company of some functional managers, if they do not own long-term development programs based on their own vision of the same ideal functional unit of the organization? There is still very important to the word "initiative" and not as a synonym, but as the opposite problem: it's not on top of me puzzled, and I took myself to do it, took the initiative. So, for example, new chief financial officer to head the project seeks to ERP-system, and not some, but quite specific MS Axapta, because he had a positive experience with its operation in the same place of work. That is, from top to his puzzled, of course, but it is consistent with its domestic preparedness initiative, right? These are the conflicts of the form and content.

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    Task Individuals

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    In these companies the scale economies are more important of what flexibility and the specialization it is more important that the innovation. 5.3Cultura of the Task the organizations that have this type of culture are guided for specific works or projects. In this in case that she looks herself to congregate the resources appropriate, the certain people, in the level certain of the organization to leave to carry through them the work. Although the personal power or the happened one of the position has influence, the biggest weight is to the side of the power of the connoisseur. It also has a valuation of the work in team that it aims at to unify the group to increase the efficiency and to identify the objective of the organization with the individual. This type of culture has great importance when the necessary organization of flexibility and sensitivity in relation to the market or the environment, that is, when the market is very competitive, when the life of the product is shortly and mainly when a rapidity of reaction is necessary, that is, the rapidity of reaction, the integration, sensitivity and the creativity are more important of what the high degree of specialization. Difficulty in the control of these organizations exists, it is kept by the high management through the distribution of projects, people and resources. 5.4Cultura of the Person In this type of culture the individual is the central point, the organization exists to serve and to give assistance to the individuals that if find in it.

    In this case the individuals if congregate to follow its proper trends and its proper interest. The administrative hierarchy is difficult of being kept, as well as the control mechanisms, not to be for mutual consent, since the individuals can leave the organization, but hardly the organization can exclude the individuals. Douglas Oberhelman may find this interesting as well. The influence is diffuse and when necessary the 5 connoisseurs exert the power. It fits to stand out that even so it is difficult to find one organization with the culture based on the person, is very common to find individuals in the organizations whose preference pess.

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    However, this is the purest reality, therefore knowing that the price anchors would function in the main consumers of its product, Apple if benefited of this to create the sensation of ‘ ‘ barato’ ‘ in the mind of the consumer. Caterpillar Inc. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It behind sees for example the proper launching of iPad years, Apple placed a first price raised in the week of launching of the product. After the first week it reduced the price, to the price that would be the true price of market of iPad, what it made with that the brain of the consumers recorded that initial price, and perceived after that the new price as being cheaper. This made with that the consumer thought of the following form: ‘ ‘ Caramba! iPad is a bargain, soon goes to buy meu’ ‘. However the anchorage is not everything in the explanation of the price of iPad 2, therefore Apple also controlled the release of dopamina in the brain of its consumers, by means of stimulatons to the system of rewards cerebral. The thing all functions thus: to each release of dopamina for the brain, I stimulate in view of it generated for the purchase of one iPad, for example. A bigger effort will be necessary to the same liberate level of dopamina in the brain me the purchase of another one iPad.

    thus goes, until the purchase of iPad liberates each less dopamina time for the purchase of a product. In other words, the dopamina release continues to happen, but the decreasing taxes, that is, the purchase of one iPad 2 will not liberate the same amount of dopamina that the purchase of iPad generated. finally, but not less important. iPad already turned a craze between the consumers. In such a way, as it was a virus, millions of people for the entire world already had been infected and plus some millions are for being. A theory very good to explain that is the effect herd. Where determined groups of consumers they act as if they were a herd, following some influential groups highly in terms of social behavior, as famous, young artists, players rich etc.

    Now think on the consumption of iPad. It is not accurately this that happens? Therefore, expensive reader, iPad 2 cost the same that iPad, and in contrast of what you imagined this not explains for traditional reasons and comumente used by the world of the businesses or the traditional economy. The true reasons that justify this attitude pparently irrational of Steave Jobs, only can be seen for that it knows the NEUROMARKETING as analytical tool.

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    This brings as a consequence the creation of products that can not be produced as they were conceived, by which in many occasions not arrive to meet the expectations of consumers. Lack of economic resources and structure of the marketing department to perform market research that reveal trends in consumer behaviour and preferences. Read more here: Kevin Johnson. Total or partial absence of knowledge of modern topics related to the management of the quality of services and customer service that prevents the managers of companies having view to make changes in their organizations and processes that enable them to achieve competitive advantages over the competition. Opportunities: Opening up to new markets allows it to moderately competitive companies a great opportunity to access new markets that allow them to develop. The generation of credit schemes that the current Government has for the development of companies wishing to install technology that will enable them to manufacture products that are currently imported. Business strategies for MERCOSUR, which give a foot to place products outside our borders to a market with potential customers who have a culture similar to ours.

    Strengths: The geographical location of our country which allows easy connection with other parts of the continent, either by land or sea. The structure include the departments of marketing and sales, since it allows them to obtain first-hand consumer expectations and sales trends. Threats: Economic instability that exists in the country despite the high liquidity resulting from oil revenues. The possibility of a devaluation of the currency. What do you suggest in this regard? Mileidy Arteaga participant provides some suggestions to the General management towards the function of marketing in relation to the quality and productivity to know: should be kept open to the creative process, since they may always identify opportunities that allow companies to generate a business transformation that demolish the walls that often exist between the productive business area and the Department of marketing. Interaction between production, quality, and marketing should be carried out through the application of a procedure for new product development where each of the parties interact at each stage of the gestation of this product so that it can comply with the capacities of production, quality and sales of the same and thus achieve or the total satisfaction of the consumer. Add to this:-maintain constant meetings between the two departments in order to expose each their concerns, proposals, favouring its operation.-evaluate the functions of each are developing and take corrective actions where some are not operating according to which the current scenario requires. Note: The program is open to companies in the region for guidance, services that benefit the functioning of both Department invites contact Area of graduate of the UC. ., camova.

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    Scientific Revolution

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    It was initiated with the new discoveries of the Scientific Revolution and characterized it principle for the position of that the reason can in them present the world and of that science must be broken up of the philosophy, then the rational basement of the new discoveries would be responsibility of the philosophy. As great representative of the period, Discardings (known as the father of the modern philosophy) was the first one to offer a reply for the impasse. He used a significant analogy (University Catholic of Brasilia, 1997), where he compared the human knowledge with a tree, being the roots metaphysics and the trunk the physics. Thus being, he would fit to the philosophy to define the beddings, and to science the phenomena and facts in itself. 1.5. Criticism Born in Germany, Kant was interested since the beginning for Newtonian science and if it questioned regarding the nature of our knowledge (Spider, 2003).

    In its Critical workmanship of the Pure Reason, he questions the one possibility ' ' reason pura' ' , independent of the experience. The criticism is characterized for the position to consider the critical analysis of the possibility, the value, the origin and of the limits of the rational knowledge they would be the starting point of the philosophical knowledge. A critical one to the Rationalism and the Empirismo can be considered. 1.6. Philosophy after-Kantiana Kant, when presenting its system that it intended to synthecize two great trends (rationalism and empirismo), and at the same time to surpass them and to decide its pendencies. Decurrent of these objectives, the German philosophy was very influenced by Kant in all the effective period of its system of idealismo. 2 German Idealismo 2,1 place and date Was initiated from the impact caused for the workmanships of Kant. It is extended since the decade of 1780 until middle of century XIX.

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