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    Paulson Financial

    June 25, 2013 // Comments Off on Paulson Financial

    All rose as markets grew, and the economy remained firm, very few questioned this abnormal situation. For Paulson, the main problem that explains what happened is insufficient power that has so far had the Fed to control financial institutions: we should consider quickly which is most appropriately give the fed the authority to access necessary information from highly complex financial institutions and the responsibility to intervene in order to protect the system, that can carry out the role that expects our nation: stabilizing system in general when you see threatened. But the question now is how to make financial institutions think that they will not have the support of the Fed face a crisis after such demonstration. Financial institutions know that faced a situation of generalized crisis, the Fed will come to his aid. Then the real question not passes by making them believe financial institutions that the Fed will not come to the rescue, but prevent them from making operative risky that the they can lead to an emergency situation.

    If regulatory amendments are to increase capital and liquidity or higher informational requirements and control over financial institutions requirements, it is likely, although they are needed, they are insufficient to avoid the next crisis. The subprime crisis, it showed the problem of regulation and supervision through the lack of a comprehensive control of all entities involved in the financial system. Does not contemplate a regulation and comprehensive supervision of them, in their quest for profitability will find the way to transfer and transform risks such which have done with mortgages subprime. For U.S. investors, it is likely greater regulations limit the offer of financial products and thus the expected profitability. This isn’t bad if it avoids inconsistencies are generated in the financial system that could lead to a new crisis, which, as I commented before, not is completely safe.

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    Luisa Gomez Rodriguez

    June 19, 2013 // Comments Off on Luisa Gomez Rodriguez

    And not to actions in defense of it, another thing is that leverage the redsail, let’s see what says the daily portfolio through its writer Luisa Gomez Rodriguez: the titles of the company pulled the year 572 pesos. In addition, last Tuesday the action of the company reached the 1,280 pesos. Cause: the search for a strategic partner. Actions of the Bogota telecommunications enterprise (ETB) between their investment portfolios, who at the beginning of the year were very probably not imagined that those papers would make more profit than any other asset. There may be a concept more clearly that this who are winning with the search for strategic partner l financial game are private ones that are tucked into the etb and potential buyers who have seen raise an action they can then use for their bag games regardless of the communicative needs of the Colombians, Continues the writer making: with this, it is clear that 2009 has been a year completely atypical in the history of LBP in the Colombia stock exchange of values, because he had never seen such strong movements. As you can then think that the actions of the Union are which generate depreciation if by contrast the economic game raised by the Administration produces movements of non-traditional rise. He could sure is due to variants of the current crisis, but still no action on the local market has both consent as ensures it the journalist’s portfolio. While other local actions have also had very good performance after the recoil of the financial crisis on the markets, the truth is that none reaches the telecommunications firm. The truth is that the behaviour of actuate them has its explanation in the search for a strategic partner that is where the conflict is born: this behavior has a single explanation: the expectation of the market players against the process that will lead to the company to get a strategic partner, matter that though it takes a long time between the plans of the company, officially began last July.

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    The Public

    June 11, 2013 // Comments Off on The Public

    Each month are forced to sell their time or stop charging. If they decide to take a vacation it is because they have supplied sufficient funds to cover the pull. Although many envy the revenue of some doctors, lawyers or architects, few stop to think about how complicated it is depend exclusively on selling hours. I have seen with my own eyes the havoc that my friends have passed by losing a couple of customers or due to a change in the regulations. Business income business income are incomes received from your company. These revenues have a very important advantage. In the case of the first two types of income can be summarized tax formula in the following way: working to pay taxes. After the money remaining, pay expenses.

    In the case of business income formula is thus: work pay expenses. After the money remaining to pay taxes. Although it is a simplification I think that you can see the difference. Taxes are the greater chapter expenses of persons and companies. However, to avoid this feeling (and ensure collection) States implanted system of withholding to account.

    So they got the majority forget the amount of money they pay. He is a very intelligent haggler. Do you’ve ever heard the Treasury has paid me 500? If it wasn’t so sad, I leave laughing. The fourth type of income financial income are revenues from investments. Although most believe in the stock market the field of possible sources of income is immense. Same as business income, they also enjoy significant tax benefits. And also are virtually unknown to the public in general. In fact the laws that regulate the first two types of income are almost opposites to those regulating the last two types. But why? Simply because it is necessary to encourage business and investment activity. These types of income are the rewards for job creation and the generation of economic stability in countries developed. Governments are aware of this, promote laws that favor people that drive the engine of society. It is not only fair but also necessary. That is why, instead of feeling aggrieved, you must ask yourself your own strategy. How you transition from an economy based entirely on the wage of worker or professional activity was a mix that also includes business income and or financial? It will need work, effort and learning, but it is the only path towards true security.

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    FUJI Update

    June 4, 2013 // Comments Off on FUJI Update

    Users of CorelDRAW X 5 can enjoy starting today, a new update to one of the tools included in this successful suite of graphic design. The update in question, adds a new feature to COREL CONNECT which allows instant scanning millions of images and catalogs of photographs available on the internet, from the same interface in CorelDRAW. Among the online image libraries, users can navigate through sites such as Fotolia and iStockphoto. In addition, the news package called Service Pack 1 includes improved compatibility with importing files with extension of other design programs such as PHOTOSHOP CS5 and ILLUSTRATOR CS5, thus responding to one of the strongest of thousands of CorelDRAW users demands. Finally, this SP1 supports an extension compatibility with RAW formats from various models of digital cameras from SONY, CANNON, FUJI, among others. Finally, this update package also includes improvements in speed and compatibility with the most various processors. It should be noted that this update can receive it all those users of this Suite of graphic design in a way autocamtica via Internet connection.

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