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    Spanish Prize

    October 26, 2013 // Comments Off on Spanish Prize

    Amaral devastated in the 2002 with prizes in almost all the musical categories: prize MTV Europe to the best Spanish group, prize Waves to the best song of its new album, Without you I am not nothing ; nomination to the Latin Grammy like better album, Woman prize to the best Spanish group, and platinum and golden records by this last production. In the society posmoderna all the technologies of vanguard: .las biotechnologies, the artificial intelligence, the audio-visual robotics, computer science, means, marketing you publish and it converge in a communication that becomes unique voice. To what extent the immense volume of information that circulates at present is generating of sense for the people? It says M. Horkheimer the atrophy of the imagination and the spontaneity of the present cultural consumer it does not need to be reduced to psychological mechanisms. The same products, beginning by the cinema, following by music paralyze, by their own objective constitution such faculties. Evidently youth, perhaps because one is in that delicate process of formation and experiences that will help them to distinguish or no, they are exposed to a winding deceit that arrives especially through language that dominates the environmental culture of today. Youth today constitutes half of the population of the world; it owns an enormous potential as consuming and is a route to transform the ethical values of the society. All this turns to them into coveted prey by which they try to replace the ethical order by other despersonalizadores values.

    A youth thus is very manipulable. And of there the danger of the text of this song we remember that the song has been awarded widely according to the appointment underneath the fragment of the song. We put the hope in which not only it has been by the letter, although this one (the semantic content) arrives better at our mental system that music (contained fonolgico) Lasch (1983) this neoindividualism does not represent a fortification of I but a strategy of survival before the economic and political social crises.

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    Auction Floors

    October 14, 2013 // Comments Off on Auction Floors

    From the beginnings of humanity the interest of acquiring valuable objects has gone hand in hand with human evolution; one of the biggest interests is currently get a big house and therefore a quick and easy way to do this is the auction floors. Auction floors currently is one of the activities with heyday in Europe’s cities where aesthetics and glamor are an important factor for people. The auction floors has been developing since the beginning of the 19th century where started mainly with the auction of paintings and objects as relics and personal items, then I continue with the auction of flats which had a great reception by the bidders (buyers) since it offered an easy and concise way of acquiring flats. The auction floors can develop with various trends, these are: flats in envelope auction: this way of auction is based on delivered in an envelope bid which is made, after that the floor is displayed. Defining the buyer for the best offer. Auction floors down: this type of auction is very peculiar, since the person or bidder that lower price to pay for the floor stays with the; currently many parts on the Internet offer this way of acquiring flats.

    Flats to high auction: are auctions where prices only can occur once, although this practice is used rarely, is still considered an interesting way of acquiring flats. Dynamic floors auction: the dynamic auction based on making large economic offerings, giving the opportunity to other bidders make one offer, but the interesting thing is that the offerings can be improved during the auction. This way of getting flats is the most common and used. The auction floors due to the aforementioned trends has also developed a new simple way, as the auction over the Internet. The Internet is shown as a convenient, fast and easy way, without commenting that contemporary do auction floors, because auction a floor from the bed, Yes from the comfort of home is an idea that increasingly attract more buyers to this practice. Some of the floors most sought by buyers are: near the sea apartments: these apartments offer an excellent landscape and also assure a very pleasant climate; for all this the tendency of the auction of these floors is to high.

    Mountain apartments: these apartments offering Visual so nice and taking into account that the majority of these floors are extensive, their value tends to increase. In synthesis, the auction floors is an excellent choice for people with a spirit of competition, without commenting that certain persons for can become a quite entertaining pastime. Is recommended before an auction of floors, go where someone who may advise well before making a hasty investment, this with the purpose that the purchase meets the needs of the buyer.

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    October 6, 2013 // Comments Off on Craftsman

    However, the conditions of simple commodity exchange provided production capacity of more complex tools, requiring a significant investment of time and effort in their production. Craftsman long could work on these tools, since it had been always sell their products to maintain its existence, while the potential buyers of these instruments of labor – farmers – lacking its products for one-time payment. This begs the obvious out of the well this impasse – the union, co-operation of producers for the purchase of needed them more productive means of labor. But markets were still not developed, the farm was largely natural, incentives for transition to more productive methods of production was not enough and demand for, respectively, more productive and more sophisticated means of labor did not occur. The situation changed with the development of monetary relations. Individuals have to collect the money commodity – gold, silver (as opposed to ordinary goods, subject to damage) that it was possible to give ‘in growth’, with interest, for example, the farmer to purchase tools, seeds, etc., under its income from next harvest. More enterprising of the wealthy class saw a great benefit for themselves is to not release funds from their hands, but on the contrary, they acquire tools, hire employees for the firm fee and all profits from their labor to leave myself. Thus appeared the first factory and the first capitalists – the organizers of production.

    This stage in the development of human civilization can be dated to the emergence of economically and informed and politically-approved property rights law as separate from the ownership and superior it. Indeed, so far the ownership actually coincided with the right of possession: the peasant could hold only so much land that was able to process, a craftsman – only those tools, which he actually used, etc. The additional accumulation of land and labor resources are not any good brought, and therefore it was pointless and that the real income gave only ‘possession’ man – in the form of slavery, serfdom, debt and working out, etc. Ownership of the land of persons who are not working on it – the princes, lords, churches, etc., in fact, was acquired by force of arms and armed force is withdrawn. In the feudal monarchies of land ownership provided even less: the land with the peasants surrendered servitors people – nobles ‘to feed’ and the end of their service or dissatisfaction with it climbed to more successful transfer of the servants of kings. Thus, in these times of property in land and other resources and tools outside their individual efforts of employees was largely a form of manifestation of brute force the invader or the will of the monarch or feudal lord.

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