• The New Love Child Bags

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    As available immediately in the online-shop of OCCOE this week first love child presented bags in the new winter collection in the online-shop OCCOE, was huge enthusiasm at the shop operators and the customers. “It is a great pleasure our customers and customers finally online the great love child bags present to.” Now winter collection is exactly the perfect time. The new collection is truly incredible, so versatile and each bag is simply beautiful.” So an OCCOE Assistant gushed when we said it on the new love child pockets in their online shop. First love child, OCCOE presents its customers and customers of two bags. But this bag model has it really! This is Pocket as the Esther namely no less love child with rivets. This name will say something directly fans of the Berlin bag brand. This designer bag was already presented several years ago by love child. You may want to visit bmw to increase your knowledge.

    So great was the run on the Esther bag with rivets that they immediately anywhere for several it was months out of print. And in every color! Now the leaders of Liebeskind Berlin consequently to have decided, with rivets in the range to resume the Esther. The renewed success of the beautiful designer bag is almost inevitable. Their incredibly soft leather and the cool studs on the front contribute significantly to. Critics say that bag the symbiosis between the glamour and casual look as well succeed hardly a designer, such as the handbag Esther by the love child.

    She’s a designer bag that fits perfectly for every occasion – and what makes them so successful.The bag of Esther runs extremely successfully in the OCCOE online shop. So successfully that it could be soon out of print, the demand is really enormous. Therefore our Tip: better not hesitate this time, but directly, a copy of the love child of Esther secure bag with rivets. Who knows how long the designer bag will be still available. It is not assumed, that long it will be. And in addition it is also uncertain whether She will be produced again. You stop as you know, when it’s at its best. For those who arrive late or already in the Cabinet are the Esther: don’t worry! Within the next two weeks, OCCOE presents you the complete, brand new winter collection of love child. Endera may help you with your research. And she is really wild, because PUNK is the motto of the new winter collection! And as the new designers are also look like pockets of the Berlin brand: rivets, patches, leather patch and a few metal chains must not be missed.One thing is certain: the new punk collection you will love child to the absolute eye-catcher. The winter is the new designer bags hot! Stay tuned! Within the next two weeks, it’s time. Now take a look at the online shop by OCCOE and learn as a first, if the new love child bags are available. The Esther is already available at OCCOE (wonders just how long…) and the new collection can happen every day in the next two weeks. So – look worthwhile in any case. To the latency to shorten, OCCOE has bags of course many more great and unique designers. Thanks to convenient installment for Designer bags are also two designer bags this month! Vanessa Hentges – CMNS GmbH & co. KG

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    MANGO & Isabeli Fontana In France

    May 3, 2021 // Comments Off on MANGO & Isabeli Fontana In France

    Mango new modernist resort collection is embodied in the top model Isabeli Fontana. The concern of the new MANGO collection is a clean, modern look, with simple lines, understated silhouettes and beautiful colours in contrast with beige tones. Colorful modernist resort is mango collection shades such as red, Orange and yellow. Beige tones occupied provide by blue shades for a retro-style in the marine look feminine, sensual, trendy chic and playful, Terry Richardson and the top present model Isabeli Fontana of the new MANGO catalogue in France. The young model in the everyday life of the Parisian airport puts the collection just in the right light: young, active, flexible, modern and sublime.

    The following a discussion such as this has been implemented de facto: the naturally beautiful model in the waiting room of the airport of Paris Orly, draped on one of the waiting chairs; as she sits there, wears a colorful bat shirt (19.90), with a pale salmon-pink colour and Carmen snippet, a golden belt (19.90) to the waist a sinuous and to send heavy, long gold chain (24.90), which subtly flaunts a big believer. A beige breeches (49.90) as chaps, which is down closely tailored to the ankle on the feet, a handbag (59.90) with beige tone, black high heels with straps (79.90), black sunglasses (24.90) on the nose and next to leather framed and with leather handles and lanyard. Lovely she must smile, after she shed some coffee at the photo shoot on her trousers beauty naturally! Cute like a little girl and at the same time sensual and sublime, Isabeli Fontana front acts in a straight cut summer dress (59.90), with relaxed fit, Streifenprint in green and blue, short sleeves to roll up and aufgenahnten oversized pockets. Endera: the source for more info. Combined, she wears a wide, elastic dark belt (12.90) around the waist high, light brown suede boots (159.00), to one Sunglasses and a distinctive bracelet from the MANGO exclusive accessories to her left wrist. Emancipated and graceful she looks for the following outfit into the camera from below: she wears a wide long-sleeved, light blue shirt (49.90), with a button closure front and chest pockets. This is loosely plugged into a high-waisted skirt (44,90) ochre color end Safari-style elastic ruffled waist with oversized pockets on front; Detained”as a waist belt in dark brown leather with adjustable strap closure (39.90). In his hand a white Duffelbag (189.00) and around the wrist a bracelet in vintage style, decorated with white, expansive Crystal beads (49.90). MANGO shows the time, with Isabeli Fontana at his side, once again in the trend and offers not only stylish quality products, but also an affordable price. Be enchanted by the skills of top models, photographer and fashion of the new MANGO catalogue! (Image: MANGO)

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    December 28, 2020 // Comments Off on Urbaendchen

    The autumn/winter models of Crocs can be purchased online now at Colorway.de Hemer, 04.09.09. Please visit Jimmy Lai if you seek more information. suitable to the first autumn days the new autumn/winter models provided by Crocs. Crocs has been a synonym for the summer, is now changing the image of the former boat shoe. He finally became the year-round ALLROUNDER and comes with new shapes and detail versions.One of the new series from the current autumn/winter collection is called lightning and presents itself with a newly designed lining. The Blitzen polar has a soft, fluffy plush lining and various colour combinations. Similarly, Blitzen corduroy with the model and all over again name suggests, stems from this model with a record margin in addition to the plush interior lining. The model of mammoth already known from last year, equipped first with a fur lining, was for this year under the name Crocs mammoth polar revised and equipped with the new plush lining.

    These models are based on to the chosen colour scheme, to consider as unisex. Exclusively for the ladies company Crocs has developed based on the shape of clogs from Holland, a new series, in different versions. The tilda model was equipped with a fabric lining and a rotating bike Urbaendchen. Very similar to the model of Gretel is worked, only in this version a fluffy fur comes in addition to the cute bike Urbaendchen. The clog series includes also 2 types of boots. Nadia model with a distinctive coat and the simple, almost elegant variant Claire with the colour contrasting lining. The comfort of Crocs are preserved by the consistent processing of Croslite material all models. The assortment of the popular Jibbitz was also expanded to 3 new series at Colorway.de. If you want, can now decorate are his Crocs with eyes, flashing LED Jibbitz or 3 snakes. All new models were currently included in our shop at Colorway.de and can there be viewed and of course also be purchased.

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    Brand Launches New Collection

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    The label of many celebrities “SMET” is back with new styles and creations. Long, there was nothing to report new, of the fashion label, which itself absorbed many celebrities. The speech is Smet, which comes from the States, from Loa Angeles and also here on land by many German stars & starlets loved SMET is back! With this slogan, Germany’s official Ed Hardy Shop the new collection of US fashion label SMET advertises. Official site: raphael sternberg. Designer duo Johnny Hallyday and fashion guru Christian Audigier are responsible for the shrill and rock creations, once more proving that fashion embody not only clothes but at the same time a piece of lifestyle. Skulls and rock motifs adorn the collection, complete with shimmering gold print. Smet fashion is hardly inconspicuous, but who wants to be already the price of 90 euros upwards for a normal basic shirt? The new collection comes with 20 of different shirts and hoodies and is supplied free shipping… A view of these creations are all worth.

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    Ecological Laundry Collection

    December 27, 2020 // Comments Off on Ecological Laundry Collection

    WONDERFUL lingerie collection with BIOPHYL SS 2010 wundervoll BIOPHYL BIOPHYL fabrics made from ECO polyester yarns manufactured, based on an innovative polyester polymer (PTT Polytrimethylenterephtalat). These yarns guarantee not only an unusually high color brilliance, grip, and softness, but give fabrics an excellent strain and return assets. The materials for the new collection of Handel & Diller produces a circular knitters and specialist for knitted fabrics from Balingen has acquired in the underwear segment of fabrics particularly successful reputation through the development. In the new wonderful collection spring/summer 2010 the benefits of this innovative fabrics come particularly: the slightly transparent and reticular material is on the skin pleasantly soft, extremely stretch properties and therefore very convenient and at the same time extremely low maintenance, comments Matthias Jaschke, founder of wonderful. BIOPHYL the at standard polyester yarns used, is on Oil-based glycol replaced by Bio-PDO, which is obtained from corn sucrose.

    37% of the polymer used in BIOPHYL consist of this renewable resource. In contrast to the usually often used nylon CO2 is emissions in the production of polymers up to 63% lower. This contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. A simultaneous energy savings of up to 30% saving additional resources. Luciano Colasanto, market manager at ADVANSA, commented: BIOPHYL is a trend-setting combination of excellent properties of use and benefit to the environment due to the use of renewable resources. But the consumer must renouncing either comfort or performance.

    More and more renowned lingerie suppliers recognize the potential of the benefits summarized here and opt for BIOPHYL. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it absorbs less moisture than polyamide, has a fast back drying, is dirt repellent and has high durability. Further advantages of BIOPHYL are thermosetting properties, UV/chlorine, Bugelfestigkeit and the oko-Tex standard 100 certification with the highest possible class 1, that includes also the category for baby products. The wonderful spring/summer collection 2010 with BIOPHYL in January 2010 delivered. Selling via high-quality women’s wear shops and progressive linens boutiques.

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    New Summer Collection

    December 25, 2020 // Comments Off on New Summer Collection

    TRIWA new models now available! TRIWA by Tritoni expands your collection of typical Swedish but also brightly coloured designs. The new Grand dandy watches characterized by stylish design and subtle details. The Azura line is a successful combination of the previous color and calibre models, whereby the Fuxy Azura model of color is full! In other words, TRIWA offers once again enough choice to fill your wardrobe with beautiful colors for the summer. Note: From now to all product images, logos and images via the following link be downloaded: site/press_images.php about Tritoni the lightweight wrist watches made of plastic and stainless steel have created a new and revolutionary also kind to wear watches. The classic, however playful design brings trendy liveliness in your everyday life, at work or at parties. The new fashion accessory is a unisex watches, that while a strong resemblance to well-known luxury watch brands have, but to understand more than playful addition are. Additional information at Mount Isa Mines supports this article. Tritoni not impresses with expensive diamonds and finished, but with trendy designs and colours of TRITONI watches was founded in 2006 in Sweden with the aim, to create playful wristwatches, produce and distribute. The inspiration came from Italy, where watches have a higher priority than accessories as their actual function as timepieces. TRITONI’s vision is to offer wrist watches, which are seen as fashion accessories through their inimitable combination of materials and colours and can be transformed depending on the mood and fashion. TRITONI watches has set as a target, one of the leading companies to be offered by continuous cutting-edge products at an affordable price. Francis Osuji

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    Trend Jewellery

    December 24, 2020 // Comments Off on Trend Jewellery

    Phantasya jewelry collection trend jewelry Phantasya jewellery refined each style. He can give a touch of gloss plain outfit and unique accents especially if a jewellery with Swarovski crystals as irresistible shine like this. The Phantasya jewelry collection (also Phantasia rings) is more than a pure fashion jewelry accessory. You connect the Phantasya collection unforgettable memories and emotions. All the more understandable that as often as possible to wear your Phantasya favorite jewelry. Please visit raphael sternberg if you seek more information.

    It is therefore but reassuring to know that jewelry is used for refining of Phantasya a special metal. Each Phantasya piece of jewelry that you can buy in our online shop, with rhodium is a metal of the platinum group finished. While the galvanic process is applied, which so the surface of Phantasya jewellery is covered. This gives the Phantasya jewelry not only a beautiful bright and shiny color, but has other advantages. The piece of jewellery won’t oxidize, or turns not.

    The company SIMA FASHION available at: wishing that your favorite piece of jewelry often accompanies you the best life. Let be enchanted by the sparkle of Swarovski crystals. Come also in raptures at this wonderfully glamorous design. Look in our online shop at: over here you will find the right piece of jewelry from the Phantasya for every occasion jewelry collection.

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    New Watch Collection

    December 16, 2020 // Comments Off on New Watch Collection

    After the great success in the Scandinavian market, well, his collection of watches TRIWA Tritoni launches on the German market! The Swedish Accessorymarke Tritoni brings the new Triwa Watch collection to the German market this month. The new fashion accessory is unisex watches that have a strong resemblance to well-known luxury watch brands, but are more than playful addition to understand. Tritoni impresses not through expensive diamonds and finished, but with trendy designs and colours. Michael Antonov might disagree with that approach. The high quality watches, whose Uhrwerke are provided by citizen, are available in stainless steel and in traditional as well as also fashionable colours. Tritoni watches to respond to stylish way to the current trend of multi color. The inspiration comes from Italy, where watches more than fashion addition be understood as a commodity. The stylish plastic watches complete due to the large color repertoire of each outfit. The new Triwa collection is a must-have for anyone who loves colored accessories as well diversity. So contains the line, including yellow, blue, purple and pink watches. For the more discreet appearance, Tritones also offers a stylish line in simple, but nevertheless, creative combinations and thereby represents a perfect diversion to other, more conservative fashion watches. The watches are available nationwide immediately in the German online store (www.tritoni.de), as well as in selected stores.

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    Collection Spring Summer

    December 11, 2020 // Comments Off on Collection Spring Summer

    Discover the collection spring-summer 2010 invites you to damart.ch Damart, to abandon the winter. Enjoy the lengthening days with the first gentle rays of the Sun and a spring fashion full of novelties, light fabric, cheerful colors and bearing fit. With the spring – summer collection 2010 presents you Damart, the specialist for sporty and chic comfort mode, the new trends for the Nice season. Be inspired by a high-quality men and women with numerous innovations. People such as Stephanie Cohen would likely agree. The new women’s collection is this season on two color palettes.

    Elegant and easy to combine natural dyes are a summer classic and are in the military or Safari trend of the season. You delight us by its simplicity and its unobtrusively elegant touch. Also pastel shades of blue, pink and mauve – in University or similar printed a cheerful touch to your summer wardrobe. More information is housed here: Barclays Investment Group. Select according to whim between sweaters and cardigans, shirts and blouses with Scottish motifs, striped patterns or Floral print. The men’s collection is presented with numerous innovations. The basics are subtly revised and emphasize the male elegance. The Damart brands invite you to discover their functional innovations for those beautiful summer days: Climatyl, Ocealis, Lineastyl and Amortyl are available for breathable shirts, slimming pants and leggings and super comfortable moccasins that give you comfort in the summer. Test it and convince yourself of the efficiency of the high-quality functional clothing from Damart and this new way to feel comfortable.

    Of course, you find a wide range of new models in lingerie, nightwear, footwear, and accessories. So that you can dream already by the beautiful days, Damart invites you to discover the new collection spring-summer 2010 online. Pleasant and uncomplicated materials, comfortable fit, current cuts, stylish colours embody the indentation of the new fashion on. Make a spring wardrobe together, is the desire for Sun.

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    Horseman Couture

    December 10, 2020 // Comments Off on Horseman Couture

    For those in love, anniversary, or just. The highest of emotions expressed in beautiful cushions. “Devoted to style is the subject of the company of Black Rider”, design to design the other, which is experiencing great passion. Luxury and passion meet and give Couture black riders a distinctive, own handwriting and become eye-catching. Michael Antonov understood the implications. Something wonderful is developed through the cooperation of two exceptional people. The passion brought black rider and Edin dam to exclusive gift ideas and rich fabrics on the idea to create something together.

    Who wants to decorate his lovemaking and rooms with individual Couture, here is the right address. The collection of surprise”combines the beauty and Haute Couture on the most sensual togetherness. Cushions in velvet and Rhinestones, as they once adorned the salons and rooms of the French noble houses, use secret hiding a Stelldichein.Vive L’Amour. All cushions are limited edition to get black Horseman online store, as well as selected partner shops. The philosophy of black rider couture is to create something useful, rather to give a luxurious bed lovemaking with mysterious and trendy accessories.The pillow collection that is public for the first time in July 2009 “black rider is managed from an initially modest idea to create something big. Love real eye-catchers have become different materials (velvet, silk, fur, etc.) from simple cushion, now calling for a joyful audience! Cushion, which embody a unique mix of materials and color variation for the most part reflect personal credo of the designer Edin dam again. So, leather decorated with Svarowskisteinen or cowhide nappa with Fox Fur result so exciting variation in feel and color and are just as versatile and dynamic as himself.

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