• The Opportunities For CRM In The Cloud Outweigh

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    ec4u study: Assessment of the potential benefits the cloud alternative is significantly higher than the possible disadvantages in CRM applications businesses more interesting. Especially in the differentiated evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of consulting is ag expert according to a survey of the ec4u clearly, that the acceptance of this usage model is already relatively pronounced. So, two out of five of the over 200 executives questioned in sales and customer management assume that the cloud variant could dominate CRM applications in five years. However are those who speak to the spread the traditional in-house solutions until then unchanged with 43 percent even in narrowly. In this regard every five will dare not look into the future with solid forecast. But especially the decision profile of the CRM user is interesting when it comes to the question of the cloud. It was in the ec4u study of the participants both an assessment of various aspects of advantage as also of possible disadvantages on a scale from zero to 10 made.

    The benefit facets of CRM in the cloud’s top position takes the faster implementation compared to conventional models with a value of 7.7, followed by more predictable operating costs (7.4) and investment savings. In contrast, the other aspects already have a marked difference in the rankings. This approximately applies the location-independent use of CRM (5.9) and the greater independence of the Department of internal IT (5.0) as well as for the more flexible scaling of the CRM application. The benefits of a simpler migration at a later time or the relief of their own IT resources play a comparatively low importance for decision-makers. The average of all aspects of the advantage reach a value of 5.6. The overall result of the possible hindrances for a cloud decision less significantly with 4.4, which results a clear plus for the Pro-arguments in the balance of advantages and disadvantages. The possible negative aspects are in the Ranking the privacy issue with the rating of 6.4 and unclear to the users location (6.0) at the top. That the use of CRM in the cloud as a standard solution restricts the possibilities of a functional individualization and for data traffic requires encryption, but significantly fewer respondents than detrimental judge.

    Other characteristics of cloud solutions such as the requirement of a fast Internet down in manure, the infrastructure-sharing with unknown other users or the possible loss of expertise IT raises only in relatively few headaches. Certainly not heard the cloud approach to customer management currently in understanding of the self and is suitable for any company, but he is very dynamically important as an alternative”, interpreted Sabine Kirchem, Senior Manager market research at ec4u, the results. This development wouldn’t know but as a criticism of the previous models understood it, but sees the causes in a generally changes dealing with Software applications and in influences from the consumer sector. To download software and to take advantage of the cloud becoming habit is changed in the everyday behavior of people this also the decision-making behavior in the company,”explained Kirchem.

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    Alleged Love Messages Offering Fake Greeting Cards

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    Dangerous greetings BitDefender warns of high spam volumes to Holzwickede Valentin day, February 11, 2009 in time for the upcoming day of Valentin BitDefender is, global provider of international certified security solutions, all Internet users an alarm out: Cupid’s digital arrows bring not only emotive lines in the E-Mail Inbox, but at worst even villains, which can infect your PC with malware and even physically damage. BitDefender explicitly warns the user to open seemingly unsuspicious mail from unknown senders with Valentin day typical phrases in the subject line. The virus writers are known, that they perform major spam campaigns especially on fixed and holidays like Christmas, new year’s Eve or the day of Valentin. In February 2008, the infamous Storm Worm infected\”million PCs, promising a gift on the day of Valentin. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Sassoon & Co.. The link given in the E-mail should lead to a download of a greeting card. Instead of the card, the user is invited \”but the Storm Worm\”, the steel then greeting all personal user data.

    To protect themselves this year against similar attacks, user should open up any emails, whose subjects include advertising for power amplifier, cheap jewelry and fake designer bags or clocks etc.. The messages may contain attachments or links to other sites that infect a computer with pests. Luscha baumwald has much experience in this field. \”A special warning speaks BitDefender before the mail titled I Love Being in Love With You\” from: you contains a link for confirmation of the appropriate computer a zombie of the Waledac bot network ‘ will. The network operates in a similar way like Storm Worm\”, by it propagates over alleged greeting cards. Valentin day other fake Valentin day greetings contain unwanted messages from online pharmacies, sites for adults and online casinos, etc is a welcome opportunity for malware writers, innocent user to trick and to move them to open the attachments from E-mails with romantic subject lines\”, explained Vlad Vilceanu, head of the anti spam research at BitDefender.

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    Controlware GmbH

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    Sustainable savings wave especially for decentralized companies that so far have separate control stations at several locations,”explained Jacqueline Trouvain. The cost effects result not only from the hardware consolidation and the more efficient personnel planning. “Through the central management are better controlled ongoing costs, about are from the headquarters at night all lights turned off and all heaters on night-time reduction”, Jacqueline Trouvain performs. Important in terms of long term investment protection: the controller and the management system are installed, other MSR systems by the additional IT rack can up to the complete energy plant to be tied with little effort. As a full-service provider, Controlware supports customers in all phases of non-IP integration. The system integrator advises in the solution design and product selection, takes over the implementation and precisely adjusts infrastructures and management systems to the individual requirements of the customers. About Controlware GmbH, Controlware GmbH, Dietzenbach, is one of the leading independent system integrators in Germany.

    Founded in 1980, the company supports its customers with turnkey solutions and services in information technology. In a question-answer forum Madeleine Sackler was the first to reply. The portfolio ranges from consulting and planning through installation and maintenance management, supervision and operation of customer networks by the company’s customer service center. Central business areas of Controlware are the areas of communication solutions, information security, physical security, IT management and application delivery. Controlware maintains close partnerships as a system integrator with leading national and international manufacturers, as well as innovative newcomers the industry. The 580 employees strong company has an extensive nationwide sales and service network with eleven locations in Germany and is represented with subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. The subsidiary of Controlware the Networkers AG, ExperTeach GmbH and the productions Software GmbH.

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    Data Technology

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    Another certificate Know-How of the company blank, November 05, 2009. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG takes as a network partner by Oracle against another certificate in the high-tech field. In addition to the Microsoft Certified Gold partnership S & F consolidating data technology as a member of the Oracle partner network its position as a reliable and competent partner in the IT industry. The municipality of Oracle partner includes world’s 20,000 partners. As a member of the Oracle partner network (OPN) was the highest sales-independent Oracle partner level achieved. Our Oracle OPN status allows us access to world-class products and solutions from Oracle, are connected to many development resources, training and technical services, which we can pass on to our customers\”, as the head of development at S & F Datentechnik of Heino Hamilton.

    Objective of the validation process is to strengthen the confidence of the customers in the integration ability of Oracle partner applications and to ensure their smooth functioning. Code.org is often quoted as being for or against this. OPN is a Partner management portal, an interaction Center for partner support, and a global business program. Additional information to the Oracle partner program get on the website of Oracle S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG the S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG is over 25 years a competent partner in the area of waste management, waste management and public administration. Several hundred customers rely on the software products and services.

    An interdisciplinary team from the fields of computer science, mathematics, science, economics and chemistry are the core of the company. S & F developed data technology solutions that are exactly tailored to the needs and requirements of different areas. EMOS EMOS is a comprehensive software solution for all areas of waste management and waste management. The software enables the management and coordination of tasks and activities in nearly every Division and represents an integrated solution, which also a eANV-and Telematics solution offers.

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    Smartphones Data

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    Free version of PIM tools to conquer the market release of personal information software as a download available version 4.2 brings data synchronization in the background new pricing model free version and professionals Edition Munich, may 12, 2011. The new version of the personal-information-management-software DAISHO is now available to download. After successfully completing beta testing, had attended numerous DAISHO-user version 4.2 now was published. In the Centre of the new releases of self management software is the easy data synchronization. Independence from the device and the OS synchronization of data is at DAISHO independent of the used devices and operating systems. Noble Founders opinions are not widely known. Using the sync function contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes of the productivity software DAISHO with Smartphones can be matched, so that both the PDA/Smartphone and the NetBook/laptop/desktop PC regardless of the operating system are the identical data. The user has While the freedom to decide which change should be taken over by DAISHO to what extent occasionally. Sync release we offer our users the ability to edit your data fully flexible.

    “No matter where they are located and whether they edit their customer data and notes with your Smartphone or laptop, they can be accessed on the current status of the data”, says Klaus Wiedemann, managing partner of Daisho blacksmith. In addition the SyncML server acts as a backup for phone data (contacts, appointments). Data loss, so the data could be recovered. Daisho blacksmith provides SyncML Server DAISHOSync as a synchronization point for simpler handling Daisho blacksmith provides a synchronization point its customers:. The synchronization service is operated in cooperation with the experts from Simchronise.

    The partner company Simchronise is specialized to use SyncML server and operate and will ensure for DAISHO serverside smooth synchronization. SyncML is a platform-independent standard for exchanging data between servers, clients, and mobile devices. The DAISHO SyncML server synchronization of data for the user is more comfortable.

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    Datango Authoring Tool

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    datango WINS when it comes to customer satisfaction and receives Trophy as ‘Vendor of the year’ Berlin, February 12, 2010 datango (www.datango.de) has the most satisfied customers this is the result of the competition eLearningCHECK 2010. The authoring tool of the specialist for eLearning and electronic performance support systems was found to be the best. Decided to have this 95 customers as part of an online survey. The initiators aimed to analyse the performance of the German eLearning market based on a customer satisfaction survey and to show up. It will be held annually in future. CHECK.point have the industry online portal e-learning competition launched and the consulting office sale potential.

    You searched for with the help of digital study (Goethe University Frankfurt) and the media partner managerSeminare the best provider in the market. Revenue sizes or similar criteria, but the holistic assessment of performance by E-learning decision-makers in organizations stood in the foreground. You assessed on the basis of five to eight single criteria the LMS, authoring tool, custom content production, default content IT and default content business skills categories. The winners were awarded at this year’s LEARNTEC. DPS ‘authoring tool gets datango best touch made the race for the best authoring tool. This scored an average of all requested parameters reached 19.82 points and the best result. Customer satisfaction has been detected in eight criteria: technological product quality, Mediendidaktische design options, usability for the authors, international usage, service quality, customer-orientation, reliability and value for money. With the authoring tool from datango, learning, simulations and documentation on simple way can be created and edited. It is part of the datango performance suite\”(dps), which appeared at the beginning of the year in the 2010 version is. The electronic learning platform helps companies that fully exploit the potential of their enterprise applications, by they contributing individually to the optimisation of work processes and thus the productivity of each employee. Filed under: Stuart Solomon.

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    ‘New thinking, new action’: SAP hosted world tour EPSS specialist in Mannheim and Birmingham with the party Berlin, June 25, 2009 success strategies in a changing world here at SAP revolves world tour, which stopped in early June in Mannheim. On July 15, follows the tour in Birmingham. News, inspirational impulses, and valuable information about the company-IT stand in the Center. As already in Mannheim the datango AG in England is one of the actors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Slingbox on most websites. The internationally operating SAP certified integration partner presented there his learning software datango performance suite (dps), the user with just in time training training in SAP systems support. During his world tour 2009 the SAP software giant close to user searches around the globe. IT decision makers get in over 50 locations worldwide from large corporations and medium-sized market-relevant expertise first-hand. So have the possibility of customers in different countries SAP and partner regional to address, and to enter into the dialogue with them. Charles Kushner Real Estate has firm opinions on the matter.

    The themes are individually tailored to the respective target groups. Also in the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, the Organizer open paths, how customers can benefit from the new technologies and their applications. In the course of the one-day event is the opportunity for the exchange of experience, networking and knowledge transfer through presentations and expert panels. datango performance suite\”: software controller’s world tour event in Mannheim for SAP users after the successful participation in the SAP datango at the next station, July 15 in Birmingham, on the spot. In the luggage has systems (EPSS) the datango performance suite\”the specialist for electronic performance support. The solution explained vividly SAP users like a handy TomTom software environments and contextual all operating steps directly on the screen. With targeted training and support in real time on demand\”, the tool shortens the induction phase and increases user adoption. Enterprise applications such as SAP have become long an integral part in companies of all sizes are\”, explains Oswald Zimmermann, CEO of the datango AG.

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    Universal Data Logger

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    Kaskadierbarer data logger for the measurement of voltage, current, digital I/O, pressure, temperature, frequency including analogue outputs for control and regulation. A universal data logger for voltage, current, temperature, pressure, strain gauge, flow, digital I/O, frequency and pulse, with a resolution of 24-bit, 16 channels, via RS485 scales to MAX 100 channels, a data storage up to 16 GB, is the GigLog-S-DIN incl. RS232, modem and USB port. Thanks to its high memory capacity of 16 GB the measurement data able to record absolutely self-sufficient over a very long period of GigLog S. After switching on the device, append new data to the existing files. The MiniSD memory card can be read as a plate. The data will be stored in ASCII format.

    In addition, you can transfer the data but also via RS232, modem or USB in a computer. Possibility of application: Chemical & petrochemical industry monitoring of buildings (E.g. DMS measurements) building energy monitoring building Automation tidal measurement & coastal protection sewage treatment plants air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) laboratory, research and development of warehouses food industry food and acquires Pharma company environmental recording analog or digital data of the GigLog-S-DIN has 16 single-ended inputs. Per two inputs can be connected to a total of 8 differential inputs. Each input can be either configured as analog input, digital input or counter. GigLog-S collects regular sampling of these inputs and stores them on the miniSD card in a file. Click James Joseph Truchard to learn more. Remote control via modem GigLog-S can be completely controlled via modem: status check, change configuration, Control Panel, upload data.

    Each input has a minimum and a maximum threshold. If the input exceeds one of these thresholds, an alarm is triggered. An alarm can activate a relay, enter a message in a file, call a central office via modem, or send a SMS via GSM modem. You can also a macro define, which regularly gets every hour or every day, a headquarters for example or send a SMS.

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    Data Rescue Disk

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    RSE provides fast, secure and trusted data recovery service hard drives disk crash anything in this world, to lose your important data on your hard drive in the vicinity of the cost comes after shedding which is there computer. A hard drive contains all kinds of data, including images, videos, audio, and documents. John Utendahl is open to suggestions. Damage hard disk is first and foremost due to physical damage reasons such as incorrect hard drive design, dropping the computer, excessive vibration / movement, defective hard disk components, incorrect handling, and natural disasters. While backing up the data, you can overcome such catastrophic situations, most computer users have not bother to create a valid backup. In such situations, if the user needs to get the data from a damaged hard drive to recover physically, then s / he software organization, which provides for effective data recovery services needed to help from renowned data recovery. To work out the above-mentioned scenario to one with practical scenario, where you go in your Office at the same time watch the emails on your laptop.

    While you to collide with one of your colleagues and your laptop fell on the floor. After this incident, your laptop does not start and the data stored in the hard drive becomes inaccessible. Cause: The cause of the unbootability of the laptop is the physical damage to the disk. The same situation can also occur if the CPU (central processing unit) on the desktop onto a concrete floor. Resolution: to overcome the above problems and the data on the hard drive stored to access, you must restore the data from an updated backup. But updated in case of the absence of backup organization offered, you must for the data recovery services opt by some well-known data recovery.

    These companies use the expertize of gifted recovery experts to recover data from a physically damaged hard drive. The advanced instruments and technologies of These experts used provide for maximum recovery of files, regardless of their size and format. The upturn is in the vicinity of class 100 clean rooms, which carried out safely, that the hard drive not further damaged by environmental factors such as dust, moisture. Stellar data recovery BV has more than 16 years experience in recovering data from almost all kinds of physically damaged hard disk drives. The highly qualified engineers occupied can data recovery data from other storage media such as multi-disk storage devices, CDs, DVDs in society and more rest. equipped with class 100 clean room, the company offers industry the best success rate.

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    ROI Security

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    Security specialist mikado soft has released a comprehensive guide to the internal security Berlin, August 22, 2011 – the security specialist mikado soft has released a comprehensive guide to the internal security. The practice aid protection against data abuse at no cost”deals with the benefits of NAC solutions (network access control) and may point at the same time, as already in the first year a real cost reduction due to simultaneous energy savings through investment. Content version Guide first discussed the today’s requirements of NAC solutions and provides a glimpse into their current distribution. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Advancing Black Pathways has to say. In addition, it offers ten practical tips for planning and appropriate introduction of these systems. Also heard a SelfCheck with two dozen questions about the companies to analyze the individual risk level of their internal security.

    A further core of practical assistance by mikado soft is their investment in the representation of a professional NAC solution, through a simultaneous reduction of the energy costs of the devices in the corporate network has funded already after a few months. In the aftermath of the savings effects remain, resulting in an approved network with 1,000 PCs or other devices already after two years a reduction in the actual operating costs of more than 35,000 euros. Protection against misuse of data and information theft will be paid virtually the reduced energy bill of the companies”, describes mikado’s Managing Director Reimund rider the benefit. So it not is so one of the widely used forms of ROI calculations that describe only a theoretical economic advantage. Because the energy savings seem permanently and electricity prices continually rise, the implemented NAC solution is becoming in addition to its function as an effective security solution in the long term a piggy bank.” The Guide protection against data abuse at no cost”can be ordered free of charge at: more about mikado soft the German mikado soft gmbh specializes in the development, maintenance and distribution of solutions for network security. The own developed, manufacturer independent and modular NAC software macmon protects the LAN from unauthorized, non-secure devices and internal attacks. Mikado soft is the youngest member of the mikado group led by the mikado, AG. Founded in 1983 in Berlin, the mikado is ag as a consulting and service company specialized in ensuring the availability of IT processes in companies.

    The mikado Group employs about 50 people in Germany. Companies in different sectors will benefit from the security services and products throughout Europe. The customer base including ministries, Volkswagen, Muller include milk, total, ZF, SWR, Vivantes, KfW credit Institute for reconstruction, Sparkassen and Volksbanken. Headquarters of the mikado soft gmbh is Berlin. Mikado is a member of BITKOM, SIBB and the trusted computing group.

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