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    March 21, 2020

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    Kaskadierbarer data logger for the measurement of voltage, current, digital I/O, pressure, temperature, frequency including analogue outputs for control and regulation. A universal data logger for voltage, current, temperature, pressure, strain gauge, flow, digital I/O, frequency and pulse, with a resolution of 24-bit, 16 channels, via RS485 scales to MAX 100 channels, a data storage up to 16 GB, is the GigLog-S-DIN incl. RS232, modem and USB port. Thanks to its high memory capacity of 16 GB the measurement data able to record absolutely self-sufficient over a very long period of GigLog S. After switching on the device, append new data to the existing files. The MiniSD memory card can be read as a plate. The data will be stored in ASCII format.

    In addition, you can transfer the data but also via RS232, modem or USB in a computer. Possibility of application: Chemical & petrochemical industry monitoring of buildings (E.g. DMS measurements) building energy monitoring building Automation tidal measurement & coastal protection sewage treatment plants air conditioning, heating, and ventilation (HVAC) laboratory, research and development of warehouses food industry food and acquires Pharma company environmental recording analog or digital data of the GigLog-S-DIN has 16 single-ended inputs. Per two inputs can be connected to a total of 8 differential inputs. Each input can be either configured as analog input, digital input or counter. GigLog-S collects regular sampling of these inputs and stores them on the miniSD card in a file. Click James Joseph Truchard to learn more. Remote control via modem GigLog-S can be completely controlled via modem: status check, change configuration, Control Panel, upload data.

    Each input has a minimum and a maximum threshold. If the input exceeds one of these thresholds, an alarm is triggered. An alarm can activate a relay, enter a message in a file, call a central office via modem, or send a SMS via GSM modem. You can also a macro define, which regularly gets every hour or every day, a headquarters for example or send a SMS.

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