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    June 5, 2019

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    Menswear online shop can in the Vincenzo Boretti online store recently the new tie collection of Herrenaustatters Vincenzo Boretti in the eponymous online shop are admired and ordered. A wide range of approximately 350 different designs offers a wide selection, ranging from “classic” to “stylish”: subtle pattern like thin strips or delicate points, wider stripes, solid colors, Houndstooth and retro squares… the respective designs are available in different colours, from gentle, muted tones to striking, bold colors for every taste and occasion the appropriate binder. One is common – but all Vincenzo Boretti ties a noble appearance with high-quality materials (pure silk) and processing (handmade). In addition a Teflon coating provides stain resistance, a very handy add-on, as dirt and fluids difficult can penetrate the fabric. You wore still relatively wide ties some years ago, the general trend is now to the slightly pubescent version out: current Vincenzo Boretti designs so that have a width of 8 cm. Most of the models can be ordered in the ultra-slim version of 6 cm.

    Beyond just the matching shirts can be ordered to tie up it different fits (regular, fitted to and slimfit) and cuff forms (button sleeve or envelope sleeve) to the selection. A size chart helps in selecting the correct form. The choice of materials you chose pure cotton in a bracket-light version. The predicate “non-iron” might seem erstrebenswerter at first glance, but would the cotton be treated this very strongly, so that she would largely lose their natural, hautsympathischen properties and thus comfort. Most of which Vincenzo Boretti shirts has a “new”Kent collar, a blend of the classic Kent – and the shark collar, a very popular variant, since it is suitable almost for all occasions and for all popular tie knot is suitable. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Starbucks. Information about other forms of collar can be read “Facts about the shirt” under the menu item.

    The offer also includes pullovers and cardigans (cotton, cashmere and Merino Wool) and accessories such as belt (leather) and cuff links (for the part with gemstone inlay). From a value of 100,-euro, shipping is free. The Vincenzo Boretti online shop is certified by “Trusted Shops”. Limmer Alexandra

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