• Burnout Soul Screams

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    We very often hear Burnout at the present time and any interested party tells a new story. There is numerous literature with medical diagnoses, with counselors, and and and. Have you ever felt, that an author directly deals with you? The book by Mikel March is different, because this book will galvanize also, if you have the feeling, they need help now. Actually have you always used to have your life under control and had an answer in principle on all ready? Actually are you the man who is reluctant to help, but anytime there is for other people, if you’re needed? Actually, you can so much and yet you can’t make it at the time just? You’re actually sick and does not understand that! No matter whether you are already stuck in there in a Burnout or see only the danger, you could it even meet this much information in this book will help certainly. Listen to your soul, then you can prevent that she screams. And if it already as far as is, then you will learn to understand this cry. Burnout soul cry!”is a book in which not only in one of the chapters can be found around, but a work that should also help you personally and can, if they really want it. “Because, if this” book does not read, is their own fault. Published by books on demand with the ISBN 9-783-8391-5270-6 / price 12,95 EUR more information under: Nicole Weixel, management Mikel marz.

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    Kerstin Surra

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    He saw the sea and the desert. Steppes and Plains stretched before his eyes in immense distances. You will weave a bond, fixed and unzerreissbar, between those who go and those who come.” The meaning of this prophecy will slowly recognize OLE. But until then, he bathes in Buttercup fields, costs of the flowers of death and dances with the creatures of the night in their secret realms. Our heroes conjure up a golden shimmer over all paths that go with charm, wit and a heavy dose of poetry. All those who engage in this journey are wrapped in a cloak from star dust.

    They are listening to the scent of the desert in the nose, the singing of the high mountains in the ears and the green of the jungle beneath their feet, the stories, up dip from a crystal ball. It would be nice if you knit up by Gaukel, the Planeswalker and OLE without fear, Viola star seeker and also by me, and on the steps of the Moon!” Karin Schweitzer: you’ve described wonderfully. You will want to read your novel. But who is Kerstin Surra? Kerstin Surra: I’m 39 years old, mother of two young children and live in Cologne, Germany. In the beautiful city, where has always been beautiful stories are told. Books have played have always been important in my life.

    You write and to illustrate very much fun me. Karin Schweitzer: Yes, that you realize if you read your texts. How long do you write it? Kerstin Surra: How long I already write? As long as I can remember. When I couldn’t write I invented the stories in my head and always expanding. Writing learning has kept my head about to burst. Karin Schweitzer: what are you writing? Kerstin Surra: What do I write? I do not want to set me. Currently I am writing children and youth books.

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    Year Rodrigo

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    Michael dying of accepted sinewy but, also did not have as to deny an invitation of these. In the supper Vaz Ernest you vary questions the Michael, and it counts that it was adopted, and that it never knew its parents biological, the only thing who were said to it is that its mother if called Eleonora Camargo. Ernest almost has one gluts when listening the name. It decides to come close the youngster more than, of – it a better job, deals with starts it way different, Michael did not understand because, Ernest distrusted that Michael could be its disappeared son, but also could only be coincidence of names, doubts to take off it that he was killing its head, he talks with the youngster, counts everything to it, and asks for to it that they make an examination of ADN to finish with you doubt them. The examination confirms all the suspicion of Ernest, Michael was same its son. this notice falls as a bomb, because nobody imagined, the copeiro to become the heir of the company. 1 Year later Rodrigo it decides to come back, made use to ask for pardon and to reconquer Vilma, also to all who humiliated, it this exactly made use to redeem itself of that he made.

    to prove that this being sincere and that it moved of truth, rents one room in a slum quarter of the river, where Michael liveed. The quarter that it hated, never had placed the feet there before, arranged also a job in a bar for there exactly, as waiter, who would say, the Dr. Rodrigo, who saw to it and who sees to it. It wants to reconquer Vilma whatever the cost wants Ernest wants wants not, it will make of everything stops to prove that it moved. In turn Michael also is gotten passionate by the Vilma, and wants conquest it, makes it happy as nobody already made before, to make to forget the moments bad that passed with Rodrigo. But Vilma until today does not obtain to forget Rodrigo, and the secretariat with who traia Rodrigo Vilma, spreads in the company and the quarter that Rodrigo came back because of its gingado and its beauty, everything to provoke Vilma. This is a little of the main history of private truths well, waits that they like, will send the remaining portion later, for now wants that if it publishes the synopsis of history.

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    Best Sellers

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    A sort that finds new moment of asceno is the fantastic sort. New woman editors and same some traditional ones of the market invest in a new reading public. The Sagas and trilogies produced for the cinema vendem and stimulate each time more the reading of books and headings inspired by the creatures and beings that inhabit imaginary the universal one. They are sorcerers, fairies, vampires, duendes, elfos and a countless category of unreal beings that take the imagination of the reader to inverossmel kingdom of the fancy. One of the sources, the terror, that always found a bigger number of adepts between adolescents, sees the sort to gain new alento for the production of films that make success as the old classics. Still in this it leads, grow the commerce of products of the sort and its spreading: articles, magazines, blogs, fanzines, E-books, coletneas.

    Certain it is that it has a new demand for the sort. One expects that, with quality and management of the literary production that is in net, it has incentive to the arrival of new authors to Brazilian market. Brazil also can make pretty. It is in the hour to see a project to propitiate the arrival of this new Best Sellers to the market. The demand exists, only lacks the half editorial to value the new talentos.

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    soul. Lode of supeto, to pressas, knocking down all the structures. I convince of that the world of the other is of it only, and I must, of a time for all, to respect this, duly warned not to sobrar more pureness to face the life. I am not part of the world of it I am a constatao. A friend would be more cautious with the use of the weapons or same with the preparation of the collision ahead of the enemy. Hear from experts in the field like Starbucks for a more varied view. I think about what the life still has kept of surprise for me. I must confess that the load is weighed e, many times, my legs already do not react the command of the last age. Mine preces, even so fervorosas prepares, me for that I not yet know.

    I run behind the happiness, but it is stranger, slippery, and she does not want to make me company, although to know that the light in me radiates and is immense as life structure. What it will come, then, of newness in this world? Necessary of aid, col, harmony pro my heart. To the times, the chest aches, palpita and crosses the corridors> of the life to the watch of some reply that does not find me. It is enough to say that you are not true, is not my friend. I only suffer to imagine that during fifteen years never it was. The meeting, that exactly fortuitous, with other models of life, they would not cause me in such a way I ruin if, the least, of them I could participate.

    But not! The discovery of all they is treacherous, frightens me it disarticulates and me. Pain, is good that it is clearly, is bigger because I evidence that its particular life as well as its meeting is not shared with the friend, who waited always it here. Brasilia, 21 of December of 2009. Jose Adilson

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