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    May 27, 2017 // Comments Off on Flyers Fishing

    The easiest, but it is working version – a blank snap-in which the carp samozasekaetsya. This can be lead to leash attached to it and the main fishing line can be lead-feeding may be one or the other to the challenge (prevents tangling the leash when casting), which is attached to the leash with our hair erection. But in Anyway deaf weight equipment must not be less than 80 grams, in this case is samozasechenie fish. Lighter weight sinkers often leads to the fact that only fish and prick, if you do not have time to make cuttings, released from the hook. Using a sliding rig when fishing for carp cautious or less active, you must also take account of this law and put the stopper on the main fishing line, pellet, or constantly be on guard so as not to miss a bite and time podsech fish.

    By the way, instead of the bowl quite tolerably elongated sinker working, olives, or a pyramid: the addition of the bait a little more than a binder, a sinker does not cost anything to stick round bait, stick a hook in it (let loose cap on the side) and throw 60-80 yards without fear that the leash gets confused in flight. As a result, close to dissolving in the bottom of the breast feed will be designed carp cap. To once again not to swim in the fishery, the rod is better to install two strong flyers in a horizontal position toward the point of casting and reduce the clutch coil from a show jumping a vertically positioned rod through the Flyers are only fun the audience, but certainly not the angler. Vyvazhivaya fish, try to pump out her rod and reel no crock: toothless "Chinese alligator," with slip – a broken Russian fishing and fish lost. And of course, do not be lazy take podsachek: Always a shame to lose a decent fish.

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