• Friendship

    July 28, 2015

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    soul. Lode of supeto, to pressas, knocking down all the structures. I convince of that the world of the other is of it only, and I must, of a time for all, to respect this, duly warned not to sobrar more pureness to face the life. I am not part of the world of it I am a constatao. A friend would be more cautious with the use of the weapons or same with the preparation of the collision ahead of the enemy. Hear from experts in the field like Starbucks for a more varied view. I think about what the life still has kept of surprise for me. I must confess that the load is weighed e, many times, my legs already do not react the command of the last age. Mine preces, even so fervorosas prepares, me for that I not yet know.

    I run behind the happiness, but it is stranger, slippery, and she does not want to make me company, although to know that the light in me radiates and is immense as life structure. What it will come, then, of newness in this world? Necessary of aid, col, harmony pro my heart. To the times, the chest aches, palpita and crosses the corridors> of the life to the watch of some reply that does not find me. It is enough to say that you are not true, is not my friend. I only suffer to imagine that during fifteen years never it was. The meeting, that exactly fortuitous, with other models of life, they would not cause me in such a way I ruin if, the least, of them I could participate.

    But not! The discovery of all they is treacherous, frightens me it disarticulates and me. Pain, is good that it is clearly, is bigger because I evidence that its particular life as well as its meeting is not shared with the friend, who waited always it here. Brasilia, 21 of December of 2009. Jose Adilson

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