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    January 18, 2018

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    SPIRA’s products were therefore still only this year sold directly through the Internet and presented at the same time running larger on some and triathlon events in the Switzerland. “The young makers behind SPIRA in the Switzerland spared therefore also no effort, on the website in addition to the mandatory” information and Web store pages for direct ordering from Internet to go a few steps further and extremely attractive added value for Web site visitors to create a page that invites you to linger and browse around and provides numerous detailed, useful and even fun information and possibilities around the entire running. The WaveSpring TM technology: the history of a new damping system David Krafsur, 40 Texas aviation was an engineer and retired long-distance runner, with his colleague Francis LeVert for hours because, to develop a treadmill with besserer damping. The publication of a small high-tech company attracted David’s attention: an image compared with a normal spring Wellenartigen spring and the caption pointed out, that the wave spring (also known as wavespring) at same power consumption as a spiral spring only one-third was so great. David came to the conviction that the principle of coil spring not only inside a treadmill could bring the necessary attenuation, but also in running shoes. He bought some Reebok, cut the soles lengthwise, set in the forefoot and the heel shaft feathers and then glued the shoes with elastic tape.

    At the beginning of 1999, it was so far: the Wavespring technology was born and the result was so convincing for a short test run that resulted the first successful startup in this area since the 1970s for David and his brother Andy, a former middle distance runner and lawyer,. The advantages of the Wavespring TM technology: permanently superior cushioning and energy return the used wave springs in SPIRA shoes have many, quite compelling and scientifically tested and proven benefits: the damping performance of the undulating Springs takes in contrast to most other damping systems – during a single run, nor over the lifetime of the shoe off. up to 96% of energy occur are stored and returned at the roll. the maximum occurring shock or impact forces be reduced up to 20%. Therefore, the burden of the musculoskeletal system of weighing 80 kg runner corresponds to a 64-pound runner’s. the WaveSpring technology TM can be adapted. So various spring configurations and different springs are used because also depending on the model and size of SPIRA running shoes. Gabriela Mahajani, Spira Swiss

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