• Urban Management

    November 1, 2018

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    Searching to intrigue the critical conscience of the inhabitants for one better agreement of the segments considered for documents considered and consisting by the state, over all municipal governments (Municipal City hall of Great Campina). For concretion of this article readings had been made, using pertinent bibliographies to the subject, disponibilizada for the professor of discipline. It has advanced had been made research in literature with intention to enrich the knowledge about the urban planning and urban management, with an approach in special for the participation of the population by means of social ativismo and with an awareness on what it is the participativo budget, and finally became fullfilled it elaboration of this article. Since the planning and the urban management are a vast activity and that it needs the participation of a gegrafo in its process of creation and execution, therefore the same knows the space urban where the actions of the planning will be taken care of. The urban space expects above all that it comes to inside awake a little of interest on thematic of the planning and the paper of the gegrafo of this mechanism of organization of the space.

    2 – Planning, Urban Management, Participativo Budget, Statute of the Cities, Managing Plan; a systematization. According to Aurlio dictionary to plan means to project; to trace; to program, to design and to organize. But they are not these verbetes grammatical of the Portuguese language that if deals with the objective specifies, it backwards in its body an ample quarrel, still more if treating to urban planning. But what it is urban planning? In accordance with Souza: ' ' The urban planning, as in any type of planning, is an activity that it always sends for the future. It is a form that the men have to try to foresee the evolution of a phenomenon or a process, and, from this knowledge, to look for to take precautions against problems and difficulties, or still to use to advantage better possible benefcios' ' With everything the planning of the city in itself is to search, a prevention, or better, without the shadow of a doubt to know the reality dispatches by post, to evaluate the ways to be covered and to elaborate a reference for an intended future.

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