• They Thought To Save On Electricity

    November 26, 2018

    Posted in: General

    Savings in the consumption of electricity in many homes is a difficult and permanent problem. We are witness to the energy waste we produce every day, by the way of life of modern society. This is seen in several areas, such as: water, electricity, fuel. Wood and its by-products and much more. Let’s assume that we spend around $ 150 per month, which means a sum of $ 1800 per year. Instead of spending this sum in electricity, we save or spend for other purposes, in a manner such that we will manage to raise our standard of living both economic and ecological levels. So how can we save on electricity consumption? We can of course change our daily habits for example: turn off lights, turning off electrical appliances, less heat in the winter, less cool in the summer. But it happens that a lot of people are aware and anyway they cannot lower the astronomical sums on the monthly electricity bill domestica.

    Address this problem we offer a safe and effective solution. It is of the construction of an electrical network domestic that it serves as independent network. This network is based on solar energy which is an alternative that is in multiple use, such as: water heating, illumination lamps and routes around the world phones work thanks to solar energy. Solar power system works with exposure to the Sun, the system is designed for storing the energy in such a way that there is no problem of supply in the hours of darkness. Wind rotors that are connected to a turbine which produces energy for use can thus be lifted domestic. In many parts of the world are huge amounts of these windmills that produce energy for high industrial consumption. And then we wonder why we didn’t use it also in our homes? With the combination of different alternatives and a much lower investment of the ordinary, you can build a domestic network for the production of energy and thus lower in the form significant energy consumption up to including a nearly absolute independence of the previous network. With the help of proper supervision can be studied how to build and operate this system and thus also save the first investment. This investment was remunerated quickly and finds its effectiveness.

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