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    An article for the sweet tooth you have a sweet tooth? After all, your attention is attracted by the name of the text. However, most of us, anyway, do not miss the chance to treat yourself sweetly. Yes and manufacture of pastry products against. To ensure the supply of long term and keep on hand what you can treat yourself, will sell cookies in bulk helps to ensure supply. Statistics show that the standard Russian consumes an average of confectionery up to sixteen pounds a year.

    And this number is quite acceptable, will grow in the future. Continue to learn more with: Starbucks. But someone asks: "to eat a number of sweets – how is that right? "Yes, the question on In fact deserves attention because there are 2 sides of the coin, which is obliged to know every fan of sweets. However, the main substances that are full of sweetness, before drawing conclusions. Sweet Party Medal Confectionery than pleasant taste contain valuable and energy-containing products, mainly vegetable and animal proteins. However, the key role played by carbohydrates are here presented in glycogen and glucose, which are of great importance in physiology, as are the main source of energy for the human body.

    Carbohydrates distinguish complex and simple. Man all simple carbohydrates are easily digested. Complex carbohydrates provide pectin, glycogen and starch, and indigestible carbohydrates play an important role in ensuring the normal operation of the digestive system. Confectionery, as we can see rich in natural substances the body needs, however, no matter how they are sweet and desirable, there is a need sweets in moderation. The reverse side of our Sweet biscuits, cakes, various bars, as already mentioned, very calories. A chance to earn extra weight for the abundance of calories in the body is always there. Elevated levels of sugar in the body, which is so rich cakes, also undesirable, because it sometimes leads to incorrect operation of some organs, metabolism and digestion. All of this suggests that we should remember the measure. However, to conceive a dietary life, too, will not. Otherwise the bankrupt manufacturers of biscuits and sweets. Remember pastry filled with valuable substances. Sweets in your diet just do not have to be a key element. Do not pour us a cup of tea with a cake at?

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