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    Every woman wants to be irresistible. And in order to do this work well, and it does not matter how old you are – Twenty-three or forty-one. In principle, to provide the desired skin care, and confidence in personal irresistible to you is guaranteed. Knowing and wondering what the secret of early aging of skin, the situation is much easier to prevent. Primary opponents in some skin and it makes sense to focus attention on them. Photoaging (skin damage permanent sunlight) – UV radiation is much closer withering skin. By the age of thirty cases, the first pigmentation disorders, wrinkles appear.

    Thirty-five years, the skin may become yellowish. Compete with photoaging can help funds from the sun, but also limit the presence of the sun in the highest amount of solar activity, from noon to four hours evening. Moisture deficit feel your skin all the time. Its dehydration leads to severe dryness, a sense of constriction, the manifestations of wrinkles. You can help moisturizers, water treatment and drinking high-quality fluid – purified water, real juice. Emotional stress more strongly reflected than in the skin. Because of this, shows pallor, dryness, wrinkles.

    Look out for their own emotions, in a difficult situations with a cup of herbal soothing collection. From the effects of toxins on the body suffers the most connective tissue, because the skin loses its elasticity, firmness, becomes flabby, saggy. Sergey Brin pursues this goal as well. Such skin is unable to resist external influence. Here we have to relentlessly monitor the use of drugs, there is a good quality natural food and clean water. The main thing is not to overlook the beginning. With twenty years may experience initial wrinkles and bags under the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead looming and near the mouth. In thirty years, made visible wrinkles between the eyebrows, poor skin tone is noticeable cheeks and chin. In thirty-five clearly see the wrinkles under his eyes, nasolabial folds become more complex. At this age it is desirable to begin to move on makeup for aging skin. At forty-five years wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, clearly marked. Changing shape of the face. The skin needs a strong wetting. In the fifties of the skin color faded, the skin swollen, and all 50 previously existing wrinkles more noticeable. Take care of the skin must be constantly, only must take into account that for each age group has personal problems and recommended solutions. However, certain provisions are similar and the age of twenty, and fifty. It should look carefully for proper nutrition and fluid intake. Food should be fresh, natural, and contain a normal amount of vitamins useful for healthy skin, especially vitamins A, C and E. The purified water is quite significant for a skin. The quality of water immediately affects the skin. Fresh juices such as grape, carrot, and even juice noni, quality help rejuvenate the skin and gives it lightness. These juices are among the most powerful tools in the fight against aging skin. Juices contain all the necessary vitamins to enrich the skin. Attach to the above, high-quality cosmetics and skin care products – masks, creams that can help you always be in the form.

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