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    June 3, 2018 // Comments Off on Anton Semenovich Makarenko

    Recently studied the works of Anton Semenovich Makarenko pedagogy, a great teacher early XX century. The system, which he proposed to raise children – street children, worked fine, literally, helping rehabilitate juvenile criminals into normal people. The system itself is very simple – Work-Creation-education through discipline. Oddly enough, the system virtually identical to the Buddhist system of education monks, which for many thousands of years. (A valuable related resource: Andreessen Horowitz). The strength of the colonies Makarenko, where the process of education and children's growth, was not in the walls and prohibitions, and in the unity and loyalty to the cause. Management system within the colonies in the accuracy consistent with the laws of ideal democracy, where each person felt their importance and contributed to the development of a common cause. Makarenko was strict with the colonists, but it is absolutely fair.

    He established such laws life in the colonies, which are accepted, because these laws are working for a man and not against it. Strict order and discipline helped to establish a colony Makarenko production of competitive drill. Hands of the colonists were made famous when cameras "FED", shoes, theater seats, butter dishes and much more. Merit list is long Makarenko. If you want to learn his system, enough to read his works, "Flags on the Tower" and "Pedagogical Poem", which filmed the same movie.

    But it is otherwise. How can I use the system Makarenko in modern days, and most importantly for what purpose? Watching the kids in our children's camp, I noticed one unpleasant feature of their character, which with each new generation is only getting worse – this is consumer attitude toward a world in which they live. What is a consumer attitude – some guys feel that everything in this world was created specifically for them. They do not understand the value of all that surrounds them. Consumer attitude noticeably in almost everything: respect to things, in relation to people in relation to himself.

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