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    November 26, 2015 // Comments Off on Advertisers

    A major concern of advertisers is the perception by others of the company. All advertisers want to know-and-how to effectively control the company is perceived by the consuming public, competition, ex-employees and the community. Reputation is a delicate one rocket engine. When going well, the results are surprising, but when something fails, the blast can be fatal. Anyway, continuing with the analogy, can not be conceived without a rocket engine.

    Similarly, any company wishing to do business, you have to control this aspect of their business. As online exposure increases, even in the most traditional companies, who have a long history of involvement in new media, there is a clear need to first create, then feed and care for the reputation finally online , ie the perception of the values of this company by the community. Connect with other leaders such as Ben Horowitz here. And the creation and development of online reputation should part of the planning of actions. Buzzwords seem, but it is very simple. If you act correctly and ethically, his reputation is good. This concept has many points of contact with reality or fact-specific: To fulfill its promise to not run promotions based on false premises.

    Do not deceive your potential customers-at least not knowingly. Respond to their products. Learn more at this site: Ben Horowitz. If a product that you distribute no after sales support, it is better not to sell. Do not spam. Do not bother with your comments. Participation in social media and marketing forum actions have this thorny side. We need to find a point just intervention, where you can promote your page, but without being considered a “spammer.” There is no point signing the shares in forums with your name, if you can not get a link to your page, or at least to properly guide those who want to contact you to do so. But neither is it baneen (le closure of its user, and to your IP) because they feel his presence is merely propaganda. Get to this activity with the real purpose of helping, working to resolve questions and participate, as another user. Respond to all inquiries. If a user has created some social media (for example) to keep in touch with your customers or potential customers, and someone sends you a message, respond. Do not lie. If you do not have the answer to what is asked, say so. But I also undertake to try to find a solution for that user. Be respectful of your competition, and they’ll be with you. This does not mean I have to recommend their products. Just try to live in peace. (Make a campaign of fraudulent clicks to exhaust your daily budget for Adwords fiercest competitor in ten minutes, is not the ideal way to achieve this.) Most of these rules are very simple, almost like the notions that all children learn in kindergarten. Say “please” “Thank you” and “permit” and answer when spoken to. But without doubt the fastest way to build an adequate and lasting reputation online.

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