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    His family was proud of the small frail man said the father often known: …Mein good diligent Alfred has great knowledge and a tireless creativity, where no one is him.” Therefore sent his now wealthy father Alfred on a 2-year study trip to Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and even to North America. Alfred sucked up the knowledge of distant countries and returned eager to work with his family, to report the father all lived. Two years after his return, Alfred had in the Russian Empire a war experience the Krimkrieg1. Alfred’s father was involved, by the Russian fighter equipped with land and sea mines and well deserved State command. He invented various things to ward off the enemy. In the meantime his mother unfortunately gave birth to another three children, of whom only one survived Alfred’s brother Emil. Soon this just moved with his mother and his father after the death of the Tsar and the defeat of Russia back to Sweden. Although poor, but always optimistic father Helene Borg set up a new existence and began to work all the time in the laboratory.

    Alfred and his brothers, however, remained in Russia and at this moment, Alfred’s time began. After many attempts, replace, and disasters, where one died also the youngest brother Emil, who worked in the laboratory in Sweden, Alfred made the discovery of his life and probably most controversial invention of mankind, namely the famous dynamite. Now the shops boomed and the once little frail man was wealthy. He built factories around the world and decades was responsible for the latest inventions in weapons technology. Be so hateful entrepreneurial spirit drove him. “He was to what he previously described: the excessive hunting for the money is a sign of pettiness, robs the human encounter much of her pleasant and destroyed the sense of honour in favour of imaginary needs.” He was a tough businessman. “Insight he used later to say: I have no economic training and hate them by heart” but the insight came just before it was too late and he came to the conclusion, have nothing in the world, what one can do not misunderstand or misuse. Alfred was a pacifist and wrote with his good friend Baroness Bertha vonSutter Ideen2 that should determine early in particular Europe’s future.

    Alfred received the doctorate in philosophy and was an honorary member of the KoniglichSchwedischen Academy of Sciences. He lived reclusively and despised fame. “He often remarked: the desire any role in the colorful diced collection of 1400 million bipedal, tailless monkeys running around on our circular end projectile, seems despicable to me!” Malik Hebbat 1. The Crimean War took place from 1853 to 1856 between Russia on the one hand, and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) France United Kingdom and since 1855 also Sardinia on the other hand. He began the seventh Russo Turkish war and was given the name “Crimean War” because the longest and decisive battles for the Crimean peninsula were made.

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