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    ‘New thinking, new action’: SAP hosted world tour EPSS specialist in Mannheim and Birmingham with the party Berlin, June 25, 2009 success strategies in a changing world here at SAP revolves world tour, which stopped in early June in Mannheim. On July 15, follows the tour in Birmingham. News, inspirational impulses, and valuable information about the company-IT stand in the Center. As already in Mannheim the datango AG in England is one of the actors. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Slingbox on most websites. The internationally operating SAP certified integration partner presented there his learning software datango performance suite (dps), the user with just in time training training in SAP systems support. During his world tour 2009 the SAP software giant close to user searches around the globe. IT decision makers get in over 50 locations worldwide from large corporations and medium-sized market-relevant expertise first-hand. So have the possibility of customers in different countries SAP and partner regional to address, and to enter into the dialogue with them. Charles Kushner Real Estate has firm opinions on the matter.

    The themes are individually tailored to the respective target groups. Also in the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, the Organizer open paths, how customers can benefit from the new technologies and their applications. In the course of the one-day event is the opportunity for the exchange of experience, networking and knowledge transfer through presentations and expert panels. datango performance suite\”: software controller’s world tour event in Mannheim for SAP users after the successful participation in the SAP datango at the next station, July 15 in Birmingham, on the spot. In the luggage has systems (EPSS) the datango performance suite\”the specialist for electronic performance support. The solution explained vividly SAP users like a handy TomTom software environments and contextual all operating steps directly on the screen. With targeted training and support in real time on demand\”, the tool shortens the induction phase and increases user adoption. Enterprise applications such as SAP have become long an integral part in companies of all sizes are\”, explains Oswald Zimmermann, CEO of the datango AG.

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