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    February 12, 2020 // Comments Off on Traffic Unlimited Free On Your Blog

    Traffic unlimited free on your blog.How to generate more traffic free unlimited on your blog? First technique publishes the contents of your blog in social bookmarking and directory of articles. This is very important and I recommend you do it. The social bookmark like Reddit, Digg, Del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, Excite Bookmark, propeller, among others, are sites where you can share with users some article (blog or website) that you like and that others can see it. This can do you directly from your blog or indirectly through programs that allow you to do this. Now can make it our page or blog with social marker.com is a tool free, what you should do here is register at each of the sites or bookmarks, then fill out the form that allows you to socialmarker and include your blog link, title, keywords…etc, as it is a free tool will be asked by each marker or page your user account and key while you’re uploading or marking your blog link. There is now a tool that does it all automatically is called onlywire, there also you gotta register on all sites with your user account and key example on Facebook puts your username and key on Twitter will also do the same thing, but then this stay engraved and with a program post bookmark stuffed with your form.

    Then this tool upload everything automatically with onlywiresubmitter, this is downloaded directly from the site, is worth mentioning that this tool is paid monthly at a ridiculous price. OK. Imagine being able to share an article on a bookmarking site and that thousands of people see it, this only on digg, Factbook, Twister and other recalls that there are many social bookmarking sites, definitely are a very good source of traffic. Free eye more secrets in unlimited traffic to your blog. Another technique is to link your Blogger and WordPress sites on free platforms as: – squidoo.com-. .

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