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    October 24, 2011 // Comments Off on Education and Job Search

    Along with the qualitative breakthrough in the means of transportation and delivery, which became available to the masses of people and increasing numbers of homo sapience, all this was the beginning of a new era in human history. And in this new era, as you know, to be a new system of education, based on qualitatively different principles. Statistics is that every year in the world appear a few dozen new jobs, and information from students on the first training course is becoming obsolete and irrelevant by the the third year. Thus, the challenge of modern education should be learning to work with information (search for necessary and unnecessary exclusion of, correct and easy assimilation) as well as skills (and ability to independently improve them) work in a specific, clearly defined sphere of activity. In other words 21 in the formation of the first century is the century of specialization, but profound, full understanding of the profession. So, my advice to the current students include: bill of exchange is not the time for rote learning of what you really need to know in order to operate effectively. Instead it keep up with the latest developments in the field of their profession. History of antiquity is not necessary chemist and a lawyer to anything higher mathematics.

    Visit the forums and exhibitions, international conferences, catch new trends. As soon as possible, start practice. Since skills are acquired and fixed on practice. And the really useful knowledge, by the way, too. A parrot on the pairs will have you empty weight of the head. Grasp the profession from all sides, in every detail. Grow in depth.

    Be aware of passing directions activity. Then you'll master. Meet with professionals and learn from their experience. For this study to communicate, learn foreign languages. Stay up to date with latest developments in your field. This allows you to always stay ahead by using the latest tools and techniques. Tips over, and I hope you understand the trend. To be successful you must be aware and use the most effective methods. Good luck!

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