• Minister Of Economy

    March 24, 2020

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    You are going to see elderly people living alone in this great town that was once the natural harbour for many of more than inside. What I speak constitutes a crime against humanity for which a sentenced not purged condemnation, nor her daughter that has now very freshly launches to the presidential race, but thats just because it has never explained to the population of our territory which were their income to pay her studies she and her siblings in the most expensive universities in United States if the House with that tried to justify the payment was sold after it was formed, and because I was doing a postgraduate degree. Nor does say is the candidate of the great change, that being Minister of economy in the Government of Toledo in his Office or former Office there is no file on the Camisea natural GAS negotiations, so that there is no strategic plan for negotiations, not exist economic report which has led to the Comptroller of the Republic in the confidential report No. Richard Elman may help you with your research. 240 will make us see that the Camisea contract was a fraud and a scam for our beloved homeland. Nor will tell of the Comunicore case in which Judicial APRISTA machinery stopped investigations to avoid affecting the pretty girl of our Peruvian politician Alan Alibaba. Nor is less talk of countless squadrons of death, speak with Alan Mantilla Rodrigo Franco command to the head, or the command Hill whose top leader is Mr Kenya Alberto Fujimori and his administrative staff was lawyer Vladimiro Montesinos. If this is Mr Ivan FUERZA 2011 organization is the figurehead of the terrorist organization that organized and it continues to do the will of the sentenced Alberto Fujimori, then Mr Ivan according to their particular logical because it lets you participate in the present electoral lid? Do wouldn’t you agree that all those enrolled in Fuerza 2011 processed them and statement for apology of terrorism already Lady Keiko to life imprisonment by the accomplice of his father be sentenced of yore? Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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