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    July 17, 2020

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    The project Barren (1995), based in the ICID (International Conference On Impacts of Climatic Variations Sustainable development in Half-Barren Regions) that it was carried through in $fortaleza in 1992, and served of preparatory for the Conference of Environment carried through for United Nations in Brazil, known as River 92. The Project Barren if became excellent as proposal metodolgica for formularization of a governmental planning for the Cear, using the knowledge of some specialists and mentioning the concept used at the moment, of sustainable development. In 1993 the COGERH was created (Company of Management of the Hdricos Resources), for the Law n 12,217, where the actions of administration and monitoramento of waters start to occur, having beginning the surveys of users of waters of the hidrogrficas basins, for implantation of the systems of grant and collection for the use of the water, initiated in 1994 and 1996, respectively. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sergey Brin. Also in 1993, in result of a drawn out estiagem, the reservoirs that supply $fortaleza and the Region Metropolitan (Pacoti-Riacho-Gavio), they presented low level in its reserves, compromising the supplying of the capital. In this context, the call was constructed in character of emergency in 1993 Canal of the Worker, a canal that perpassa some cities and catches water of the basin of the Jaguaribe, if extending for more than 100 km. In the year of 1997 the first committee of hidrogrfica basin creates itself, in the basin of the river Curu.

    Between 1997 and 1999 the first plans of basins had been elaborated. In 2008 the Pact of Waters was elaborated, a knowledge on the hdrica reality of the Cear, being elaborated disgnostic and goals to be fulfilled. As Sampaio (2007), the state intervention in the control of waters of the Cear from the creation of the Secretariat of Hdricos Resources of to this element of the nature one meant each more geopolitical and strategical time, and through the new technologies is created structural workmanships to guarantee the hdrica security, that in the practical one means the guarantee of that such waters can be a fuel to attract investments for state and to allow the accomplishment of the diverse economic activities in the coast, the mountain ranges and the pertaining to the state of Cear hinterland.

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