• Vodopadnaya Waterfall

    March 9, 2020

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    Day shines clear sea. Why is the ghost of sorrow settled on the open space above the forest Utrish? Rescuers from the national anthem Utrish in the New Year holidays in the world premiere of the American movie 'Avatar'. Someone in the new brainchild of director Cameron saw the colorful fantasy with stunning special effects, someone plagiarizing the works of Soviet fiction. Well, I could not remain indifferent to the idea of environmental film. Footage of the explosion of the mighty tree – spirit wood-destroying recalled in a juniper forest Utrishskiy. Based on the proposed project of building this unique corner of nature, to live giant juniper have little time. Because on the first sunny day Christmas holidays, my friends decided to walk to Vodopadnaya gap and finally enjoy the beauty of this fantastic gift of nature, dozhivshego to the present day with pre-Ice Age, but, unfortunately, favored by strong world. Soon, instead of the juniper-pistachio woodland here will field for the game of golf, soccer and tennis.

    A wilderness take groomed lawns, flower beds, rose gardens. After the last rain waterfall looked waterfall, rather than the likeness of a jet of water from the clogged valve, as it happens in the hot summer. From the first lagoon, located behind the waterfall, we went to the gorge to ekopostu. Ekopost has nothing to do with living on the beach in the area natural lagoon settlers. Among these, the so-called 'forest brothers' are hippies, artists, aspiring to enlightenment citizens, drug addicts, homeless people outright, cultists, and just people, escaped on a variety of reasons from civilization.

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