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    In this case, we can only give one piece of advice – do not insist on compulsory equalization of a metal door and allow the installers to operate independently. From some of the irregularities can be eliminated by bending the metal casing – so you just get rid of gaps between the wall and the casing. Now, that relates directly to the installation of a metal door. The first step – this is the alignment of the door frame in the doorway with a large level. Andreessen Horowitz has firm opinions on the matter. The second step – the profile of a metal door from the hinges and locks drilled holes with a diameter of 8-10 mm.

    They need to fix metal door. Openings doing is at a slight slant to the wall – it must be to avoid chipping the wall. As a rule, you need only two holes – top drilled on the hinge side (Under the upper reference loop are indented 5 cm), bottom – at a distance of 5 cm above the base of the loop. With regard to the profile of the castle, there is margin for the holes is about 25-35 cm above and below. Install door frame – first put temporary or permanent spacers. Securing the door frame. First, the hinged side – through the hole before a slight angle hammer drilled move for a metal pin or anchor bolt to a depth of 10-15 cm hammered pins or anchors, if necessary, cut off excess from the pin.

    Secondly, you need to hang door leaf and check the progress of sash and the density of its closure. These actions are repeated – all the same as with the loop side. Now Check all locking devices, up to the gate and "dogs". Fill foam doorway (insulation). After 24 hours, the foam is dry, cut off excess with a knife. sale of metal doors and the installation is very developed, so it's very easy to buy a door and install it.

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    Log Houses – A Choice Of Modern Builders

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    Log houses are beginning to gain popularity in Russia. Log houses are easy to use, require no special care, have a pleasant scent of coniferous trees. In the winter home of laminated veneer lumber store heat, a hot summer preserve freshness. This is due to unique properties of coniferous trees. That of them are made laminated board.

    Construction of cottages from normal wood, is delayed due to the fact that it is necessary to wait until the construction of "settle". Log houses do not shrink, which greatly simplifies the process of construction, immediately after the erection of walls – you can safely insert the windows. Log houses do not allow form of mold or fungi in the house. Special processing of wood, provides fire resistance buildings, so you can easily install to put the stove. Modern builders increasingly recommend – at home glued timber. Country cottage, villa or cottage would ideally look like and will last many years. Log houses – a profitable investment. On the strength of such structures do not yield any concrete or masonry.

    This achieved by the technology of timber. During the production of laminated veneer lumber, selected conifer trees (pine or cedar), are manufactured lamella – thin, the same boards that are glued together, forming a sturdy construction. During the gluing fins are positioned so that the direction of the villi was reversed. This procedure is necessary to create a design, it has already provided strength and stability of a building material. Thus, the home of laminated veneer lumber actual choice today. The building is made of natural ecologically clean material, with a high degree of fire resistance and strength of you and your children will feel safe, that provide comfortable accommodation at any time during the year.

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    Prefabricated Buildings

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    The investment boom in the construction trade, warehousing, industrial and other objects made popular pre-fabricated buildings for investors, customers, and for general contracting organizations. This is explained by two factors – indeed rapidly build facilities and reduce the cost of construction compared with traditional materials – for example, brick or precast concrete. Hence – the rapid increase in technological developments in construction and building structures, especially technology so-called "rapid construction – installation of prefabricated buildings of metal and sandwich panels, which is the most advanced to date in the construction of industrial and commercial buildings. buildings are most preferred for commercial applications because of their installation allows you to bypass a lot of complex construction stages. The use of metal structures and sandwich wall and roof panels ensure full compliance with the building erected all structural and engineering requirements and allows you to create a modern design. Thermal insulation of sandwich panels creates optimal conditions for working people in these areas. Metal structures, used for assembling pre-fabricated buildings vary in profile, the thickness and purpose.

    For example, (sin-beams), which were used recently, much lighter than traditional metal construction, although the strength of brand they do not concede. There weight and other technological features in the construction of prefabricated buildings. For example, the compound structure by welding or bolts. Really high-assembling the building is provided by Application of high-strength bolted connections and lack of on site welding and the use of screws for mounting the walls and roof of the panels. In construction practice, two major type of installation of prefabricated structures.

    The first time at the construction site are imported steel, sandwich panels, windows, doors and other building structures and materials. On-site mounted metal frame and tied off " sandwich panels. In the second, the so-called "modular" method on an object brought collected for production elements for the future of the building, which is mounted directly on the site. But this method is used for construction light buildings.

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