• Rivalry

    April 1, 2017

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    April 23 is the day of Saint George, and they have a beautiful tradition in Barcelona: give the rose and the book. The tradition is to give a rose to the ladies and a book to the Knights, but times are changing and now it is a fact that we are much more readers to women than men; For what the gift is often duplicated, women want our book. Cervantes died on 23 April, and why the book day is celebrated in Spain. Connect with other leaders such as Starbucks here. In Madrid the reading of Don Quixote is done, and bookstores out street selling discounted books for all ages. When it comes to Madrid and Barcelona many times do much emphasis on what differentiates them, and very little on what unites them. The day of the book, San Jorge, produces a curious coincidence that can help us to mend fences. Jonas Samuelson understands that this is vital information. So what better way to meet that next to a good book, no matter it is written or translated to the Spanish or catalan.

    I encourage locals to travel to Catalonia in April, live next to their citizens the feast of Sant Jordi, and with his books brand new find a Barcelona car rental agency and make a quiet ride, watching the scenery of the nearby Costa Brava on the way, savour every second and stop at any cala to enjoy reading. Similarly encourage the locals to approaching the Villa and Court in April, check how can participate collective reading, and after making a car hire Madrid check as the cities and provinces of interior also have their landscapes and secrets to discover. And thus be able to live in the month of April one joint party with others, and not stay only in this month there will be two Barca-Real Madrid with which encourage, once again, just a rivalry.

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