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    February 4, 2020

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    Day of the child? When I lived this life stage, I heard that they were celebrating the children’s day, I heard also of the arrival of the Kings Magi. I never knew that was that, what if I knew was that I had to get up at 4 in the morning to knead, ignite the fire to heat the oven, put the firewood, cut the dough, make bolillos, put the canaston. So at dawn he distributed bolillos in stores, then come back for the rest to go Street by street shouting Booliillooos after selling them, he returned to bakery for sweeping, cleaning the mower, plank, oven, accommodate the firewood. Already when he was half a day going to bathe and then to school, which not infrequently I was asleep on my desk, coincidentally was fashionable a song saying to my say horse dairy, because stopped I fall asleep that I won the nickname of horse dairy thanks to song. But before this I came in my community to study, in which then do not spoke the Spanish but no the Tlapaneco and many of the things that are in the city or not knew them. I spoke of traffic light, sea, palms, with tell you that when I came in the van several times I had to vomit, because he was not accustomed to traveling in truck. I remember the excitement that in school we were giving away toys, such was the excitement that I have no words to describe the moment, because it was the first time that we had a toy in our hands. It is worth mentioning that in these communities, since children learn that it has to support the activities of the House, among them carry water for those who work in the field, in the case of girls take care of their siblings.

    As a result of what I suffered and I lived I would like to make a great celebration of children’s day, but obviously my resources are limited. Do I want to do?. Take it to an interactive museum, spend a while or an afternoon on the beach to get to know the sea, or simply give them a plastic toy. Normally what I do is buy some bags of sweets and give them. I hope that someone can shed a little of what you have and from the bottom of her heart says I’m going to give away some toys. I say now I’m aware that some foundations do some activities to do this but it is insufficient, better question that enjoy direct smile of a child or a girl when his own hands receive a gift. And that has no price is only the satisfaction. If someone decides to take some action should be aware that there are situations that has made them distrustful someone wants to give something. If necessary you can contact me for any precision or clarification or support that can provide them. My mail is jneri73 (arroba) gmail.

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