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    June 2, 2019

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    Social engagement in crisis situations is essential for the debt collection company. The most devastating earthquake of the 21st century has particularly hard hit Haiti as one of the poorest and labilsten countries in the world. After the earthquake, debris, hunger and death dominated the townscape of Port-au-Prince. The island’s capital was greatly devastated by the short distance to the epicenter of the quake. As a result, the natural disaster has taken around 3 million people and 1.2 million inhabitants of Haiti’s homeless will be. The number of injured and dead every day explosion.

    Ten days after the quake the search was officially discontinued for survivors. At this time were about 300,000 people seriously injured and according to the Roman Catholic Church killed about 220,000 inhabitants. Immediately after the quake was the help of also largely German and international aid agencies. Fast, direct assistance was needed in the earthquake zone. In addition to the high number of injured and dead, also the number of needy children was substantial. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kevin Johnson and gain more knowledge..

    When I the images from Haiti on the television, saw, was clear to me, I would like to help with my company. In such a bad situation the world continues to grow up a little bit and all contribute together with their donations, that quickly can help destitute people in Haiti,”Burkhard cross Hall, Managing Director of general accounts receivable and collection service GmbH holding. All over the world donated to the earthquake region, and the helpfulness of the people was great. With our donations to the German Red Cross and the action Germany help e.V. would I help especially the children in the disaster area,”adds Burkhard cross man. End of February already. 7.6 million euros have reached the needy people and especially the children in Haiti. About 80 German helpers of the DRKs were in the earthquake zone in the usage and looked to the medical supplies, relief goods and water supply. High willingness to donate as well as the General accounts receivable and collection service GmbH with its Managing Director Burkhard Cross man made it possible that the DRC could deliver a mobile health station, a mobile hospital and a water treatment plant, tents and medicines within a very short time to Haiti. In this way were many injured children medical supplies and thousands with clean drinking water saved from thirst. Social commitment for people and especially children is essential in such a disaster. With a donation, I can help financially at least in distant countries and support the professional organisations on the ground. Feel good, is to be able to help, in emergency”concludes cross man, Managing Director of the General accounts receivable and collection service. The General accounts receivable and collection service is a debt collection company specialized on claims of amounts of.

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