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    December 15, 2017

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    It does not inconvenience to them either that their countries are incompetent productive and technologically to fight itself generally. In a survey in the Argentina in which it was investigated on the subjects that atingen more to the population, the results they indicated that the Argentineans are worried first about the security, later about the health, followed by the inflation and the corruption. If there were a coherent thought, the preoccupations would have the other way around to be. While corruption exists, it cannot have legal, social, economic, nor physical security. The institutionalized corruption is the beginning of the misfortunes. If the governors did not use the money of the town for personal or in favor benefit, and would release the economies so that the states do not take part in the businesses of people, their nations would prosper and all would improve their conditions of life. Argentina is the most pathetic example, because it resorts repeatedly to the same mistaken formula from his first Peronist government.

    Others at least left the caudillismo and recalcitrant Populism. The Latin American dilemma is ethical. Where ethical values do not exist, it cannot have confidence. And where there is no confidence cannot have work is transparent and honest, nor productive development. The error that committed some well-meaning governors, are to have wanted to implement a modern economy in slow societies. In order to have a modern economy he is needed modern societies, not of individuals that live with the anachronistic mentality of years 40, like in Argentina, or the incaica era, like in Bolivia. Ironically, both countries, one that richest, cultured and was advanced of the region, and the other that always was poorest, ignorant and slow, marches towards the abyss under similar principles. It is part of the igualitarias wonders of neoPopulism. The Argentina, that was elbowed of equal to equal with Spain, Italy and France, now has to its equals in Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia. original Author and source of the article.

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