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    October 30, 2018

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    ITESOFT allows directly from the Smartphone from document view and review Hamburg. ITESOFT, European provider of solutions for the automated collection, processing and management of documents, has announced the availability of ITESOFT.Posted everywhere. This is a catalog of mobile versions for the software solutions ITESOFT.FreeMind and ITESOFT.Share. They allow decision makers, by traveling from critical business processes to support and promote. ITESOFT solutions are an integral part of business processes, companies consider customer files and others generally critical, such as E.g. the confirmation of orders, payments, invoices, For these processes, it is often necessary to make consultation with decision makers who are traveling. ITESOFT.Everywhere is easy to use and helps to shorten response times. On your Smartphone, users have instant access to functionalities for required permits, to the Looking for notifications and for document review, namely around the clock and location independent.

    There are many cases where ITESOFT.Is the answer to actual business needs of customers everywhere. For example if a / Customer Service Manager/in a Smartphone between two meetings can use to confirm an important customer order, a / head of the financial Department a sensitive customer payment verified, a / CFO can release a payment instruction, while a / COO redistribute from the distant resources in the Department of post input can absorb unexpected spikes in the load, etc. \”, explains Magali Michel, ITESOFT Marketing Director. Use ITESOFT.Everywhere possible quick reactions constitute a key factor for continuous service and comprehensive operational management. It provides streamlined and accelerated business processes for our customers,\”she continues.

    ITESOFT.Everywhere was presented on November 16, 2009. Currently, iPhone, RIM are Apple Supports BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android. Our new ITESOFT.Everywhere offers is the result of our product development strategy to continuously search for new benefits for our customers. New solutions is value creation potential at the disposal, which boosts the competitiveness of customers \”, says Philippe Lijour, ITESOFT CEO.

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