• Industrial Virtual Engineering Profession

    April 2, 2017

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    Simulation and engineering mathematics in medical technology. The application period ends on 15 July 2012! The population is getting older. This is to the good medical care and the new possibilities offered by the technology. Whether it’s for the development of prostheses, implants, or in the area of minimally invasive procedures: virtual engineering is becoming increasingly important for the medical technology industry. “The University campus in Tuttlingen of the Hochschule Furtwangen has responded and the degree of industrial virtual engineering” launched. For more information see Starbucks. Interested parties can decide after 2011 for the second time on this profession. The course industrial virtual engineering prepares students for tasks in development departments, including the medical industry.

    The simulation is indispensable from the medical technology”, explains PD Dr. med. Habil. Dr.-ing. Thomas M. Grupp, study Advisory Committee of the programme of industrial virtual engineering and Director of R & D knee arthroplasty/biomechanical research at the Aesculap AG. In addition to basic knowledge in the fields of “Learn the students of the new course of industrial design and engineering virtual engineering specifically know the requirements of modern, computer-aided simulation and methods of development of.” Virtual engineering as a win-win situation straight in endoscopy have complex mechanical and optical systems, as well as the appropriate operation methods based on virtual models are researched and tested. Also in the area of the construction of prostheses and implants experts use mathematically, computer-based simulation procedures.

    Only after a suitable model to the computer was created successfully, a prototype is made. This technology is a win-win situation for companies, hospitals, doctors and patients: the cheaper production of devices and procedures through preliminary tests via simulations are given. Doctors train operations on virtual systems. The operator can thus gain experience, plan better and safer interventions in humans. High-end products are using virtual engineering”individual and optimal for the needs constructed. Virtual engineering study at the Hochschule Furtwangen the industrial virtual engineering on the University campus in Tuttlingen combines the disciplines of mathematics and technology. A special focus is on the calculation of products based on mathematical models and computer simulations. Graduates of industrial job opportunities in medical technology, mechanical engineering and Mechatronics have virtual engineering in the future. Each winter term prospective students at the admission office in Furtwangen im Schwarzwald can enroll. Application deadline is the 15th of July of the year. The standard length is 7 semesters including a practical semester. The course of studies per year absorbs 40 students. The study will be completed with the Bachelor of Science (B.SC.).

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