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    May 13, 2017

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    This brings as a consequence the creation of products that can not be produced as they were conceived, by which in many occasions not arrive to meet the expectations of consumers. Lack of economic resources and structure of the marketing department to perform market research that reveal trends in consumer behaviour and preferences. Read more here: Kevin Johnson. Total or partial absence of knowledge of modern topics related to the management of the quality of services and customer service that prevents the managers of companies having view to make changes in their organizations and processes that enable them to achieve competitive advantages over the competition. Opportunities: Opening up to new markets allows it to moderately competitive companies a great opportunity to access new markets that allow them to develop. The generation of credit schemes that the current Government has for the development of companies wishing to install technology that will enable them to manufacture products that are currently imported. Business strategies for MERCOSUR, which give a foot to place products outside our borders to a market with potential customers who have a culture similar to ours.

    Strengths: The geographical location of our country which allows easy connection with other parts of the continent, either by land or sea. The structure include the departments of marketing and sales, since it allows them to obtain first-hand consumer expectations and sales trends. Threats: Economic instability that exists in the country despite the high liquidity resulting from oil revenues. The possibility of a devaluation of the currency. What do you suggest in this regard? Mileidy Arteaga participant provides some suggestions to the General management towards the function of marketing in relation to the quality and productivity to know: should be kept open to the creative process, since they may always identify opportunities that allow companies to generate a business transformation that demolish the walls that often exist between the productive business area and the Department of marketing. Interaction between production, quality, and marketing should be carried out through the application of a procedure for new product development where each of the parties interact at each stage of the gestation of this product so that it can comply with the capacities of production, quality and sales of the same and thus achieve or the total satisfaction of the consumer. Add to this:-maintain constant meetings between the two departments in order to expose each their concerns, proposals, favouring its operation.-evaluate the functions of each are developing and take corrective actions where some are not operating according to which the current scenario requires. Note: The program is open to companies in the region for guidance, services that benefit the functioning of both Department invites contact Area of graduate of the UC. ., camova.

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