• Fire Bird

    March 28, 2017

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    This way Stravinsky becomes famous overnight. On which this beautiful ballet is based? In one of the many Russian legend about the young person Ivn Zarevich. This one is put to persecute the bird and it reaches when it settles in a tree, to which the rays of the moon give a metallic appearance him. When seeing itself prisoner, the bird implora its freedom and of this one form the prince grants it; and like reward, this one flatters one to him of its beautiful pens. Electrolux has much experience in this field. The new day appears, and then is an iron door that surrounds a mysterious castle. Ivn pushes the door and enters the garden. They leave the castle thirteen maids, informing that one is him in the kingdom of Kotschei, the immortal monster, that was not more than an immense giant of green fingers that petrifies at which they arrive there, retaining them like prisoners.

    Nevertheless, one of the maids falls in love with the prince, inviting it to flee, but Ivn does not take care of the advice and decides to enter itself to the garden by curiosity. When being inside, a repiqueteo of bells, through its gong, denounces the presence of an intruder; then, the inhabitants of the castle, come to surround to the prince with a infernal dance. This stops when it makes his Kotschei appearance, that is thrown on Ivn to turn it into stone. Then the prince understands his situation and calls in his aid to the Fire Bird. Then, unexpectedly, the monster vacillates and it pauses, because it has seen the pen that the bird had given Ivn. The inhabitants of the castle return to the dance, until finally all to the ground fall, with them also Kotschei.

    The Fire Bird sings a cradle song, that submerges in deep dream to the monster and to its people. One knows that in a secret place, it is an egg that contains the soul of Kotschei and, that by advice of the Fire Bird, Ivn it must take; but this one goes away to him of the hand, falls in the ground and it is broken. Kotschei, then dies and the infernal enchantment undoes. Doubtless, as they indicate the experts, from the musical point of view, it is the first important work of Stravinsky and perhaps, the first work where some of the stylistic characters are outlined well, that later pronounce with an extraordinary originality in Petruchka.

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