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    February 6, 2020

    Posted in: General

    “Historic recording from the”start from Lake Constance”as an exclusive wall ornament in an exclusive and limited to 100 copies Special Edition is now the legendary DO X start from Lake Constance” immortalized on a large, traditionally arched email shield “(email” pronounced as it is written). Helga Knauss Auwarter, owner of Auwarter. The first copy of Maria Sulger of the shop management of Dornier 2009 newly opened in the year presented Enamel signs of all kinds, Museum in Friedrichshafen. Only there and in the online shop of the Museum this unique, numbered and exhaust is available, which was sumptuously decorated with a historical photograph today means a high collector’s value for connoisseurs and lovers. Company Auwarter has since 1997 on the classic and high-quality niche product email shield”specialized (called also enamel sign”), that even today is still manufactured for the demanding needs. Enamelled with the slogan real. Beautiful signs of lasting value” It offers a variety of ways by different printing techniques as promotional items and jewellery pieces as individual companies or shop sign, as well as for expressive series of advertising and information boards unless. Info:, text: Helga Knauss Auwarter photo: Dornier Museum (Susi Peschke)

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