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    December 9, 2016

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    The modeling is the transformation of the drawing in product, into the modeling is transformed the aspirations of the estilistas in reality. It consists of interpreting the fashion drawings, transforming them into molds to become possible the confection of pes idealized by the estilistas. 2.Desenhos 2.1.Esboo the sketch is the transference of the ideas for the paper, of fast, simple form, without aesthetic concern. In the sketch the main concern is to guarantee the agreement of the idea. As Doris Treptow the sketch does not possess commercial commitment, this of the freedom when designer to give solution to the creativity without being worried about the viability of the parts. In the collection development, the sketch has basic paper, therefore it is through it that the models are defined that will be developed and will be able to come to be part of the fashion collection. The sketch is the main used tool to improve the ideas (SEIVEWRIGHT, 2009, P.

    144), from the sketches the ideas are selected and developed detailed drawings more aiming at to the production of the archetype. Gain insight and clarity with Caterpillar. 2.2.Desenho of fashion Drawing of fashion or croquis is a form to represent the parts to be launched, facilitating the visualization of the combinations between the parts of the collection. It is through the croquis that designer transmits the relation between the isolated parts and the subject of the collection, mainly for the responsible ones for the departments of creation, sales and marketing. This allows that the collection is presented as a whole, leading in account since the position of the dummies, the suggested accessories, the combinations between the parts to form, them of use of each model, at last the trend that if wants to launch. In the productive sector of a confection the croquis nor always is used, since this drawing does not bring all the necessary information for the production of the part.

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