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    June 26, 2018

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    Darmsteter believes that Ar is derived from the Mount Ararat, Bohart and see here the Jewish har (mountain), and De Gara believes that this Hamitic root kar (locality). Others believe that the name of the Sun God, Ara, or, Armina a compound word derived from Ari (arm.Hrabrets) and men "man", who reportedly is present in the Armenian word manuk (child). Finally believes that the name is associated with the root armen – arm (n) the words armat-root, z-arm race, offspring." Thus we met with almost all currently existing scientific hypotheses regarding the names of hay and armen. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. Like I said, the situation in Armenian studies in no other way as a dead end I can not name and principal cause of this situation consider formed in the minds of researchers steadfast stereotype constructed by all of the above hypotheses. In full force this stereotype makes the whole generation Armenologists to mark the same spot (for the most part around the ancient sources of Darius), thus not allowing for answers to our questions, to go further into the mists of time.

    After all, it should be recognized that neither aforementioned Hittite king Tudhalisom country Armana, and even more so Armana referred Akkadian king Naram-Sin was not recognized by official science are identical in Armenia. Ben Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. To be fair to say that relying only on Attunement to assert the identity of the country of Armenia Arman and no more than an allegation, and science does not allow such liberties. Entirely different matter if we can find new evidence and explain the meaning of the original laid in the name of hay and armen, and for this we need to shed the burden of stereotypical thinking, which can not even think about the greater antiquity of the Armenians, and to turn their gaze toward the earliest known civilizations Sumer. .

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