• Problems Space

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    Learn to plan or repairs without the problems of each space, even perfect in design, sooner or later cease to be. After a while, and it becomes clear that the atmosphere and environment that satisfies our requirements, has lost its pros and can no longer meet some basic needs. Changing family size, the position of each of its members, composition, status and social position. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Caterpillar Inc.. These changes to some extent, changing tastes, likes and dislikes, as well as a sense of living space. The house was suddenly boring and dull, uncomfortable and tight, strange and uncomfortable. Furnishing rooms annoying and stay in their his apartment is no longer happy, but on the contrary, oppresses. At these moments, it becomes clear that an urgent need to change the environment, to change the situation.

    The first thing that comes to mind – the desire to move into a new apartment, relocate residence. This is unrealistic, and sometimes wrong, so probably need to make some changes in your home, make it convenient for the residence of each family member. Various minor problems of everyday life, as a rule, accelerate course of business, and this decision has been made – it's time to repair the flat. This material will give you an idea of what and how you can change the structure of the house, what means can achieve the desired comfort and coziness. The idea transformation of the space will remain a dream if you are not thought through the detail of its implementation. As materials for study and reflection is considered a phased plan of repair. Scheduling reorganization of space, you will naturally be forced to seek help from professionals and specialists in this field. To communicate with them was easy and pleasant for both parties, and would bring the desired results, you should have an idea about the possibilities of your home and your own (financial, organizational), and anticipate problems that may arise during the works. In other words, you must be prepared to act decisively actions have all the necessary information and to realistically assess the situation.

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    Lay Tile Walls

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    Did you know that the tiles on the degree of impact resistance is divided into four classes? Very 'weak', referring to the first class is usually used in the bathroom, and high impact tile fourth grade, usually lay at the entrance to the institution. Laying tiles on the floor similar to the revetment walls – there also needs to find a starting point, notoraya must coincide with one of the vertical rows. Seams are sealed for the next day, a special sealant or pure cement mixture with a rubber spatula. For wide joints (4-5 mm) in the cement mixture, add a little sand. Attach a ruler to one of the walls. It is not something Jim Umpleby would like to discuss.

    To her attach bath, along which pull the tape measure so that a line perpendicular to the wall that extends to the opposite wall. Cut the trim pieces of tile to lay in the corners and along the walls and glue them so that the rows of tiles on the wall and the floor were strictly symmetrical. Start with the farthest from the door of the room. Cut tiles as possible positioned against a wall. Cut tile to the extent possible locate along the walls All the tiles should be laid on one level All tiles should be laid on the same level.

    Besiege tile can be easily hammer blows. Try not to walk on the newly paved surface. If you have no choice, put on the floor wide board and a heavy step on it. Do you have a choice: cut the bottom of the door jamb or cut his form on a tile.

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