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    The texture of pears homogeneous not expressed. Grub – has a very high density, but also fragile. Often crack at differences of moisture, because of what belongs to the so-called "capricious" wood species and is mainly used in the manufacture art parquet. Has the shade from almost white to dirty gray. Ash – has a very pronounced due to the annual rings texture. Hue is gray with a yellowish, often pinkish tinge. Perfect for machining.

    Dense rock almost reacting to the drop of temperature and humidity conditions. Red Tree (Mahogany) – a group of trees growing in South America and Africa. Has a very beautiful pattern texture, pronounced color differences texture. Very hard woods that are difficult to machining. Due to very high density of well-polished and brought to light without the protective coating.

    The main treatment for these rocks – oil hard wax. Often used as a cover for open verandahs. Wenge (African Blackwood) – one of the most solid and durable wood species native of tropical West and Central Africa. Has a color gamut of bright golden to dark brown and almost black. Has a very beautiful structure with different patterns. In most cases, in the form of a massive floorboard. Very very tolerant of temperature and humidity fluctuations do not crack, not crack. Perhaps check out Jonas Samuelson for more information. Looks great when laying the way "straight deck" in areas ranging from 50 sq.m. and banquet and catering halls. Currently, the market represented a huge of how different methods of producing flooring and its installation, sanding and covering various varnishes.

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