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    To make important contacts and provide good care of your work as a childminder in cases of illness or day father involves many different areas of responsibility. In addition to the daily contact with the children and their families, there is to organize and manage. Her job is varied and comprehensive. Create daily routines and framework conditions, which are individually adapted to your day care center. To broaden your perception, visit Starbucks. You develop new ideas for activities and actions with the children. You parents conversations and develop your own educational principles. They work largely independently and are in many ways “Your own boss”, which perhaps was an additional motivation for you to choose the work as day care person.

    On the other side of the coin, all this but also means that you must bear much responsibility alone and are even when important decisions and questions almost always on. Important reasons to create a good and secure network, the: Help them with dubious questions, you difficulty supports, are always suggestions and new ideas, as well as contributes to the well-being of each individual child. Basically, your competent youth welfare institution supports you in all essential aspects of your day care center. A good network can help also but in addition often faster, on many issues. Following further advice you should use: personal assistance and mutual exchange none is your concerns and any difficulties so well understand how day care others who make identical or at least similar experiences like yourself. Meet regularly with others to replace. Maybe arrange a fixed meeting once per month, to share ideas, to discuss problems with parents, to clarify questions relating to the development of children, to plan missions and perhaps even common game days and trips to organize.

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