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    As a general rule: the buyer, as the real estate transfer tax paid notary and land registry costs. But Caution: Should the buyer be temporarily insolvent, the seller for the cost must be straight. This new buildings already development costs incurred, usually pays the seller, later bills must be paid by the buyer. Payment date: Of course the seller would know when the money goes to them. And whether payments are to be arranged or the business is better handled via an account of the notary, is also important.

    Brokers are tricky questions of money with help and advice. In this context, the real estate portal PlanetHome refers to a further stumbling block: buyers should ensure that before the date of the transfer, the new owner in the land registry is bookmarked, the old charges are dropped and the municipality waived their right of first refusal related to that. The selling arrangements are negotiated, the contract must be worked out. The notary concerned this usually of the change of ownership then with his signature testified. The notary declared the Treaty parties and accepts change requests. Both parties to the contract agree, he can be signed. Entry in the land register: the entry in the land register is carried out after the signing of the contract. The notary care of that also.

    It is important for the seller that he only gets the money if the buyer as the new owner in the land registry is registered. It can take some time. The land registry will send the current amended land registry excerpts, the notary forwards the money to the account of the seller. Moving-in date: The day of the check is important for both sides, because this day is the beneficial owner of the property buyer. That is, benefits, burdens and risks are transferred to the buyer. The previous owner to this appointment not moved out, the buyer may claim compensation. Oliver Hundt

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    Attractive Tax Write-offs For Restructuring Objects

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    Immovaria GmbH: renovation objects location Nuremberg, August 31, 2010 – renovation objects of the real estate segment monument real estate are the focus of the advice of Immovaria GmbH in Nuremberg. The Immovaria GmbH Nuremberg advises clients on the acquisition of real estate and has placed the focus on listed properties. A real estate is a solid investment that defies Inflations and yields good returns. But with the purchase of real estate, it is important to observe certain rules, so that it also becomes a profitable investment. The be-all and end-all is the location of the property.

    What uses you to the most beautiful Palace if he is traffic-technically difficult to achieve and no infrastructure exists. Such real estate is the object of a lover, can be considered but hardly yield project. This also applies to Monument real estate. Customers throw good money after bad money, consultants of from Immovaria GmbH are ready. The Immovaria GmbH to its clients and investors help to create that as a monument to object when the Office for monument protection assets with a real estate is officially registered. Consultants of from Immovaria GmbH, to clarify about how potential customers and investors can save taxes through the monument-AfA and monument restoration objects can make according to 7 h EStG through increased deductions claimed in buildings in redevelopment areas and urban development areas such as in Leipzig, Dresden or Hamburg. A high-return investment with high potential as a tax shelter renovation objects are seen in the long term so the Managing Director of Immovaria GmbH, S.

    LADI. It is possible to participate in the State the cost of the renovation objects. How this is possible, trained consultants of from Immovaria GmbH can imagine the customers and investors. Monument renovation objects are subsidized in the form of write-downs by the State in financing. As an investor, customers become the beneficiaries of attractive tax advantages, which offer interesting options for financing and the maintenance costs of monument real estate, so the Immovaria GmbH in Nuremberg.

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