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    May 13, 2019

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    Hamburg-based fashion expert celebrated the Offenbach Designer in Hamburg. Applause has received the young Offenbach designer Nina Knecht from 100 leading fashion experts. JPMorgan Chase is a great source of information. “For their shops, they were to present the winter collection secrets of the city” in the Hamburger visible in the Elbe noise “came. Nina Knecht stands for the label palpable”. On the other hand operates the actress Cosma Shiva Hagen the Hamburg Gallery. Nina Knecht showed elegant fashion.

    Not only a sufficient ground to dress, which indicated winter understatement caused a stir. It stressed unobtrusive shapes. Completed increased the thoroughness or graphically in Black mesh running nowhere on anthracite. Unusual talent with its unusually large talent continues the designer decided the idea of fair trade and ecological compatibility of fabrics and colours. She showed in Hamburg before the critical eyes of the audience, that she thereby makes no compromises when it comes to elegance with its characteristic design. “Nina Knecht of palpable” stands for young fashion.

    The “Experts agreed at the fashion show: Nina Knecht presented a collection that will give plenty of light in the sky of fashion next winter.” Guest at: Cosma Shiva Hagen fit was the venue, selected by the company Apperal Sayang textiles GmbH from Hamburg, Germany. “Cosma Shiva Hagen had said at the opening a year ago: art is so varied in its expression that no definition here should take place.” “That was true as well for: Secrets of the city”. However proved Maria Johnson at hair & make-up”can. The native Greek was successful in the United States as a hair artist. Settled, Ms. Johnson has currently in the Hessian Heuchelheim. The beautiful Helena Ivancic led the round of international models. Only ecologically benign organizer was the Cologne-based company Apperal Sayang textiles. There are dresses, Polo shirts, Loungewear, underwear and knitted parts of different creative there in addition to basic shirts. Also the fashion Nina of servant Apperal Sayang sells textiles.

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