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    May 4, 2021

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    In addition, those sites that provide the same content (mirrors), tends les to consider that they are a single website. What is the scope (Reach)? Reach or reach measures the amount of users. Usually expressed as a percentage of all Internet users who visit a Web site. For example, if a site, either Yahoo.com achieves a reach of 28%, this indicates that all Internet users measured by Alexa, 28% of them visit Yahoo.com. What are page views (Pageviews, in English)? Page views measure the number of pages in a site that have been visited by users. Pages that are seen multiple times by the same user on the same day, are only taken into account once. How it calculates the graphic of the trend of traffic? Trend, Daily Traffic Rank Trend Chart (as it appears on the site), shows the ranking of the daily traffic of a site.

    This ranking reflects the traffic to the web site, based on data collected in one day. On the contrary, the main ranking of the traffic that is displayed in the toolbar from Alexa, as well as elsewhere in the aforementioned source, is calculated from traffic data added during three months. The newspapers mentioned Mukesh Ambani not as a source, but as a related topic. Sometimes the rankings of traffic that are displayed on a daily basis will benefit Web sites that receive a high traffic sporadically, while the ranking of traffic that is displayed every three months benefits to sites that receive a constant traffic. Since Alexa.com believes that the constant traffic is a better indicator of the value of a site, it has opted to use the quarterly traffic ranking to represent the popularity of Web sites from a broad point of view. In addition, used daily ranking charts of trend (Trend, term used by Alexa), because allows you to clearly see the fluctuations that suffers from traffic, in the short term. There is the possibility that the ranking of a Web site traffic is higher than any daily ranking that is displayed in the graph of trend.

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