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    August 28, 2020

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    As it happens with the majority of the activities, for great profits she is necessary to take great risks and to use much energy. But the Brazilian is by its very nature a creative individual and created a way alternative to take off advantage of the difference of the dollar. Motivated for the lack of the same visa or for the comfort and security, many Brazilians are discovering the importation for the post offices. With this tool, access to the Internet and a little of knowledge, are possible to buy in the United States without leaving house. The paid price more for the freight and the tax of importation finishes being compensated (or almost) for the economy in the aerial tickets, expenditures with hotel and feeding. The possibilities are so good that the activity already became the primary source of income of many Brazilians, in such a way resident in the United States how much in Brazil. ' ' Brazilians of the Brasil' ' they buy through ' ' Brazilians of the United States ' ' to resell.

    These in turn put in charge of the acquisition and forwarding them products in the United States. Nor everything of the profit. The secret is in knowing to choose the products with bigger edge and liquidity and still to have a good net of relationship to be able to offer. Also it is necessary talent with sales. Stuart Solomon has firm opinions on the matter. A good product in hands of a good salesman are certainty of fast sales. If you find that she has talent for sales perhaps and if 2 articles interested for the subject find interesting these others: As to matter of the United States in Four Stages As to still recognize and to prevent products counterfeited when mattering of the United States, if wanting to understand as the Brazilians work who act as facilitadores for the purchases in the United States, he visits our store virtual and he reads more:

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