• UMTS Stick Details

    August 6, 2023

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    Meanwhile, each provider has a suitable UMTS stick on sale, a UMTS stick enjoys ever growing popularity. Because this enables the mobile use of the World Wide Web. Inserted a SIMcard in it and the Internet access is one. Such a stick is about half as big as a pack of cigarettes. Thus it is easily transportable and takes place in each bag. He is connected via a USB port.

    This interface can be found on any modern PC or laptop. A UMTS stick is obtained with or without a contract. The devices are often free with contract. Prices from Euro 25,-start without a contract. Depending on the availability with up to 14.4 Mbit per second can be. To use the stick for the first time, need the driver files are installed on the computer. This is required no extra CD, because everything is pre-installed on the device. The modem is detected by plug & play, the Setup is almost alone.

    Everything is finished with a few clicks and you can surf mobile. Now be offered these sticks also as surf & memory stick. This a micro SD card is used. Photos, documents or videos can be saved on this. Also a combination as TV & surf stick is offered. DVB-, T then allows to receive multiple TV stations. But here it can cause malfunctions. Because this technique is quite vulnerable due to the high power consumption. The unit prices are currently very high. In any case you should inform yourself before T signal the availability of UMTS and DVB -. Christopher Heinsius

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