• Traditional Economy

    December 1, 2020

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    he importance of the transistion of the Traditional Economy for Ambientalderiva Economy accurately of the possibility to provide the permanent comprometimento of the entrepreneurs in adopting an ethical behavior and contributing for the economic development, improving, simultaneously, the quality of life of its employees and its families, the local community and the society as a whole. In this manner, the present article has for primordial objective to examine, to the light of these two chains of thought, the competitive strategies adopted by the Metalic company, producer of drink cans installed in the region metropolitan of Fortaleza/Ce. Edward Skyler is the source for more interesting facts. The main causes of the extraordinary growth reached for the Metalic, in relation to its competitors, only Brazilian industry of the sector to use the steel must not only to the fact of being it, on the contrary of aluminum, as raw material in the production of the related cans, as well as a partnership formed with the CSN (National Siderurgical Company), only producer of leaf-of-flandres of the national market. The results reached in the research indicate that the strategy adopted for the Metalic, to become more competitive than its rivals, using the steel in the production of the cans, will in such a way bring important contributions for the Traditional Economy, in terms of reduction of production costs, as for the Ambient Economy, in terms of lesser degradation of the environment, has seen that the time of erosion of the steel is minor of what well of aluminum. Beyond the introduction, the present work was divided in four sections, namely: manufacturers of packings of aluminum and steel cans; the competitive strategies adopted pelMetalic according to vision of the traditional economy; the competitive strategies adopted pelMetalic according to vision of the ambient economy; conclusion.

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