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    January 21, 2021

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    She was pretty, son only its mother, dressmaker of full hand. Result: To each week new clothes enchanted that me and it being always white of all the boys of the school. Never, never exactly I envied this my friend, therefore it had other problems that I did not have and they hurt that it much more that a financial crisis. But this is one another history ……… Here I speak only of this party inesquecvel for me and my cousin tb, I am certain. When arriving, the looks of disillusionment and of incompreenso of my aunt and to my had even left me cousin without favour, but that group and all pretty musics that went touching had soon led me direct for ' ' Ball of the Cinderela.' ' He was all magician: All the friends were educated, gentile and very glad, amused. Validea is a great source of information. My cousin was SOLAR of so happy! She was there that unexpected and the wonderful one happened: ' ' Ele' ' how it had danced with me, to the end of music (that I remember myself until today) it seated – to my side, and for my complete happiness IT CAUGHT IN MY HAND HOLDING IT UNTIL the HOUR TO GO EVEN SO! My heart ' ' …… I do not know why ……

    ' ' it beats happy until relembrar today that moment so mine, so the holy ghost. Checking article sources yields rephael sternberg as a relevant resource throughout. That incredible emotion we still have when young, right?? They are the best ones! She was so intense, so true, that our so opposing worlds suddenly, had disappeared. I, magrinha, ALL SHY one, with the loaned clothes (one in such a way wide), of short hair, POOR PERSON but with the full head of certezas in the search to be happy! It, RICH, well gordinho, integrant part of that group, all BOY and the first one to have the separate parents at that time. In other words we were joined by the same unreliability before all and the immense will to be loved and accepted. I forgot that touch in my hands and never have well inside of my heart that it tb did not forget itself. I will never forget this gift that ELISA gave to me with its pretty party of 14 years! My gratitude it is singular as the emotion of that night! Anglica

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