• The Opportunities For CRM In The Cloud Outweigh

    August 22, 2021

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    ec4u study: Assessment of the potential benefits the cloud alternative is significantly higher than the possible disadvantages in CRM applications businesses more interesting. Especially in the differentiated evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of consulting is ag expert according to a survey of the ec4u clearly, that the acceptance of this usage model is already relatively pronounced. So, two out of five of the over 200 executives questioned in sales and customer management assume that the cloud variant could dominate CRM applications in five years. However are those who speak to the spread the traditional in-house solutions until then unchanged with 43 percent even in narrowly. In this regard every five will dare not look into the future with solid forecast. But especially the decision profile of the CRM user is interesting when it comes to the question of the cloud. It was in the ec4u study of the participants both an assessment of various aspects of advantage as also of possible disadvantages on a scale from zero to 10 made.

    The benefit facets of CRM in the cloud’s top position takes the faster implementation compared to conventional models with a value of 7.7, followed by more predictable operating costs (7.4) and investment savings. In contrast, the other aspects already have a marked difference in the rankings. This approximately applies the location-independent use of CRM (5.9) and the greater independence of the Department of internal IT (5.0) as well as for the more flexible scaling of the CRM application. The benefits of a simpler migration at a later time or the relief of their own IT resources play a comparatively low importance for decision-makers. The average of all aspects of the advantage reach a value of 5.6. The overall result of the possible hindrances for a cloud decision less significantly with 4.4, which results a clear plus for the Pro-arguments in the balance of advantages and disadvantages. The possible negative aspects are in the Ranking the privacy issue with the rating of 6.4 and unclear to the users location (6.0) at the top. That the use of CRM in the cloud as a standard solution restricts the possibilities of a functional individualization and for data traffic requires encryption, but significantly fewer respondents than detrimental judge.

    Other characteristics of cloud solutions such as the requirement of a fast Internet down in manure, the infrastructure-sharing with unknown other users or the possible loss of expertise IT raises only in relatively few headaches. Certainly not heard the cloud approach to customer management currently in understanding of the self and is suitable for any company, but he is very dynamically important as an alternative”, interpreted Sabine Kirchem, Senior Manager market research at ec4u, the results. This development wouldn’t know but as a criticism of the previous models understood it, but sees the causes in a generally changes dealing with Software applications and in influences from the consumer sector. To download software and to take advantage of the cloud becoming habit is changed in the everyday behavior of people this also the decision-making behavior in the company,”explained Kirchem.

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