• The Factors

    December 3, 2020

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    In according to place, in the case of the religious ones, he would like to leave well clearly? how the crystal? that the wind is fruit of the oscillations of temperature and atmospheric pressure that make with that the layers of existing gauzes in the atmosphere are in constant expansion and contraction, thus this movement generates the movement of the air layers, generating the wind. For this point, ' ' real' ' it would be as? It has the concept of that everything that occurs outside of the mind could be considered as real, the existence extra-you lie. However, it has one? potentially? interminable list of based exceptions, basically, in the factors cited soon above, the start of the paragraph. Alex Lynch can aid you in your search for knowledge. The cases intra-you lie, that they enclose the illusion, the imagination and even though the delirium. For this point, it is a little (very) vacant the Real concept, the more of reality. We can then place ' ' real' ' how a consequence of its existence in the plan of the reality? It would be a simpler form to appraise the reality, but the life is not simple, then for consequence, the reality also is not. If it cannot say that the reality is formed by the real object junction, in a sequncia uniform and dynamics, therefore not even we obtain to classify what it is real due to interminable variety of premises. Get all the facts and insights with raphael sternberg, another great source of information. Let us try then to appraise ' ' realidade' ' thus to define what he is ' ' real' '.

    Of one it forms logic we can say that the reality never is alone, therefore it is not only. It has you vary realities, are social, economic or conceptual. E, in all the cases, they are formed by a group of factors that, if they regulate and if they limit, generating I continue it space-time. Let us start for what it occurs in it I continue space-time, which will be nominated of ' ' C' ' , the event in itself, which we will nominate ' ' A' '.

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